Liberal Child Abuse


For me, pretty much the last straw at the funeral of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy was certainly a familiar tactic: when all else fails, shove a moppet on stage, give him or her a script, and let the adorable tyke lisp the syllables that would never be countenanced coming from an adult. So they dragged up a grandson and gave him a script which if it had been placed as an advertisement, would have cost at least several hundred thousand dollars…

This in itself is nothing new–in fact it seems to be a staple from the Liberal Playbook. Remember little Julia Hall from President Obama’s Portsmouth, NH town hall meeting?

And if you want stage-managed moppets galore, you can’t go wrong with those cloying Stepford Children:

And who can forget the winner from 2007, Graeme Frost, who was planted in front of cameras and microphones to pimp that year’s cause du jour, the ever-expanding S-CHIP legislation.

“My parents work really hard and always make sure my sister and I have everything we need, but the hospital bills were huge. We got the help we needed because we had health insurance for us through the CHIP program.

“But there are millions of kids out there who don’t have CHIP, and they wouldn’t get the care that my sister and I did if they got hurt. Their parents might have to sell their cars or their houses, or they might not be able to pay for hospital bills at all…

“I don’t know why President Bush wants to stop kids who really need help from getting CHIP. All I know is I have some really good doctors. They took great care of me when I was sick, and I’m glad I could see them because of the Children’s Health Program.

“I just hope the President will listen to my story and help other kids to be as lucky as me. This is Graeme Frost, and this has been the Weekly Democratic Radio address. Thanks for listening.”

And more kiddies threatening President Bush with a moratorium on photo ops if he vetoed the bill. Boo hoo!

Then going way back to 2006, more kids sticking to The Man (in the Oval Office).

Oh, the agony! When will it all end? Frankly, it’s disgusting, and as a political tactic, it stinks; but it also tells you a lot about the parents who allow (and even encourage) their kids to be used in this manner. Perhaps it’s just the next logical iteration of the brassy stage mother syndrome: the pushy political parent.

And you can’t really blame the kids, can you? After all, they’re just tools in the hands of their parents, who are also, er, tools.

UPDATE: Snark and Boobs asks, “What Would Jesus Do? Promote Liberal Policy, Using a Child at a Funeral, Natch!”



2 Responses to Liberal Child Abuse

  1. Artie says:

    The author of the rant “Liberal Child Abuse” doesn’t know the first thing about child abuse or she/he would never assign such a misused title to her little political hissy fit.

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