Ten Dollars for Tark: Update

UPDATE: HotAir points out an egregious Harry Reid gaffe. If he keeps putting his foot in his mouth like this, Tark’s sure to be a shoo-in!

We’ve gotten some great response to my post on Hugh Hewitt’s “$10 for Tark” plan to stop Harry Reid from shoving the ObamaCare bill down our throats by voting Harry out of office in 2010. Many thanks to all of you who have commented, donated, and emailed. I got a very nice note back from Mr. Tarkanian yesterday, in which he wrote:

What you have started through your support is a movement – a movement to bring conservative values back to our country and to rid ourselves of centralized, socialized control of every aspect of our society.  This is the America Harry Reid wants, and it is our responsibility to stop him.

Reid wants a public option that puts government in control of your health care.  He wants the taxpayers to fund government bailouts of entire industries so that the government can hire and fire CEO’s. He is the principal architect of Washington’s plan to indebt you, your children, and your grandchildren to his big government plans to the extent of $9 trillion dollars this decade alone….

We are at a crossroads of history, and our very freedom as Americans is at stake.  Your contributions are a sign that you are willing to join this epic battle against Senator Reid and what he stands for. And I am ready and willing to lead.

…We are rallying the nation to our cause.  I am deeply grateful that you are with us.

Please take a few moments to share our original “Ten Dollars for Tark” post with your friends, and encourage them to donate and communicate. Ten dollars is a pittance; if Harry Reid gets the ObamaCare bill passed, ten dollars is going to be the least of our worries. Ten dollars from their wallets–two Starbucks’ Espresso Frappuchinos; ten minutes of their time–about the same amount of time as loading the dishwasher!

  1. Send a $10 donation to Danny Tarkanian, the only declared opponent of Sen. Reid in his upcoming re-election bid
  2. Send an email to Sen. Reid explaining your donation to Tark and why you made it
  3. Send an email to Hugh so that he is able to measure the response
  4. Leave a comment here

You’ll be helping in a huge task by taking such a small and simple step. Thanks.



4 Responses to Ten Dollars for Tark: Update

  1. Sissy Willis says:

    You are totally awesome!

  2. Ginny says:

    We have sent our $10.00!!!

  3. Ginny says:

    Yes, I did write Harry, and I will write Hugh!

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