HuffPo Asks “What Would Mary Jo Have Thought?”

Barking Moonbat Libs Take Pandering To A New Low

Whether you loved Senator Ted Kennedy or not, we all must admit he had a profound effect on American politics and his passing is a big event. We recognized that and we have responded with respect to the news of his passing. However, the left-wing barking moonbat brigade just don’t get it. 

Showing all the class of a Bill Maher/Jeanene Garbagefelo discussion about tea party protesters, Senator Kennedy’s death had barely been announced when suddenly ObamaCare became TeddyCare or something like it. With no thought whatsoever for the reverence of the Senator’s passing, they quickly jockeyed into position to wrap their  health plan with  the Senator’s corpse in hopes it would somehow bring life back to Obamacare. Suddenly we were urged to pass this healthcare program  immediately as a tribute to Kennedy.

Sorry, folks, but in my opinion this takes pandering to a new low and at an extraordinarily inapporpriate moment. 

Believe it or not, it gets worse: When I got the news that Ted Kennedy had succumbed to brain cancer earlier this week, thousands of thoughts about his life and the way he lived it swirled through my head. But out of respect for the Kennedy family,  my posting of his death was brief and respectful, as it should be. I knew enough that at times like this you take the high road.

But Melissa Lafsky, writing at the Huffington Post, isn’t worried too much about the altitude of the road.  In her remembrance of Senator Kennedy, she poses the question, “What Would  Mary Jo Kopechne Have Thought Of Ted’s Career?” 

No, you didn’t misread this.

The gist of what Ms. Lafsky, a former lawyer, was getting at was that somehow she feels it was the death of Mary Jo that was “a catalyst for the most successful Senate career in history.”

Is her logic such that she assumes Kennedy would have automatically ascended to the White House had he not left Mary Jo to drown in the back of his Oldsmobile? Darn the luck!



The irony here is that of all the people whose opinions you could seek, Ms. Lafsky,  you choose the one person who can’t make herself available because of what happened on Chappaquiddick Island, July 18th, 1969. Bummer, huh?

This is not unlike when Sirhan Sirhan came up for parole for the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. He told the parole board he believed that if Robert Kennedy were alive today, he would want them to free him. Say… was that you representing Mr. Sirhan?

Ms. Lafsky actually had the chutzpah to end her article with these words about how Mary Jo Kopechne might see her death and the role it played in Senator Kennedy’s Senate career:

“Who knows — maybe she’d feel it was worth it.”

Wow, Ms. Lafsky. Just wow…

As for your timing, well let me put it like this: Grand Rants (and just about anyone with a sense of decency and a modicum of class) chose the high road upon Senator Kennedy’s death. Your road choice was about as bad as Senator Kennedy’s on that night 40 years ago.

Now can we all please just postpone any further ridiculous speculations and let those who mourn Senator Kennedy’s passing have their moment?

Gerry Ashley


3 Responses to HuffPo Asks “What Would Mary Jo Have Thought?”

  1. wheresthehope says:

    For the media to attempt to gloss over his despicable character and promote Kennedy as a hero is akin to posthumously promoting Michael Jackson as a champion for the defense of little boys’ virginity.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    I think you’re missing one thing here. Whenever someone of legendary status dies (and, as the last of the Kennedy brothers, this IS the stuff of legend), the media generally lays off the hard hitting approach out of defference to the family.

    There’s plenty of time for Ted Kennedy’s flaws to be uncovered (again) in the weeks to come. But for the next few days, the family is trying to mourn as privately as they can, but most of it has to be displayed in public due to Kennedy’s public life.

    The problem I have (and I’m sure you would agree) is that the liberal media usually goes overboard on the hosannas for liberal politicians than their conservative counterparts.

    Example: Interestingly, almost every one of the network’s coverage of Kennedy has only mentioned the Chappaquiddick incident in a passing manner as if it were the equivalent of passing gas at a dinner party. But when Richard Nixon died some years back, every news report I heard kept banging home the point, “…resigned in disgrace…” Seriously, which was the bigger lapse in character? Watergate or leaving a young lady to die in your car and waiting until the next day to call?

    In the end, you are correct. The media is glossing over some of Kennedy’s flaws just as they did Michael Jackson’s. But that’s because the media is liberal and so were these two people. Did you actually believe we have a fair and balanced media in this country?

    Now you know how Obama got elected. Nobody in the media challenged him at any point. But that’s another rant for another day.

    Here at Grand Rants, my partners and I shared little affection for Senator Kennedy. That’s putting it lightly. But we all agreed now is the time to take the high road and let the family mourn.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. pismoclam says:

    I hear that the crypt above Marilyn Monroe is for sale on Ebay! Teddy’s family should buy it for him. Both his brothers were on top of Marilyn so it would be fitting for Teddy to also do it.

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