When Government Stops Listening


What does a citizenry do when its government stops listening?

A POLL today showed a majority of Scots believe justice secretary Kenny MacAskill made the wrong decision in releasing the Lockerbie bomber.
The survey found 43 per cent believed it was right to release Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds, but 51 per cent were against the move.

  • It’s no great secret that most Americans want secure borders. In 2006 a Fox News poll found the following:
    Almost all Americans (90 percent) say illegal immigration is a “very” serious (60 percent) or “somewhat” serious (30 percent) problem for the country today — essentially unchanged from a year ago this time.
  • A 2007 NY Times/CBS Poll found similar dissatisfaction to the tune of  69%. Yet we still haven’t even completed a fence.
  • Look at the outrage over the health care and the deficit, yet the government charges ahead.
  • And then there’s Knollberg claiming that tax dollars aren’t our money…

What does the body politic do when its representatives place money, power, and job security (votes) before the well-being of their constituents? I don’t know… I really don’t. Perhaps the story of the Lockerbie bomber might provide insight though… That individual walked free after serving 11 days for each of the 270 he helped to slaughter. And by some happy coincidence a lucrative oil deal was struck between Libya and the U.K. a week later… What do we do?

Maybe, the first thing we do is let the “officials” know that we’re watching, we remember, and that we’re not stupid.

Maybe we use things like town meetings and blogs and “letters to the editor” to voice our contempt and anger. Maybe we jam their phone lines and fill their servers with emails respectfully but firmly taking them to task. And maybe, when the time comes, we vote these “power clowns” and their unions, and their lawyers, and their special interest groups, and their “community action groups”, and their lobbyists right out of office.

And that goes for both Jackasses and fat old Elephants. Perhaps, just as a fluke, we should put our selfishness and agenda aside and vote in folks who understand what “Vox populi, vox Dei” really means – “The voice of the people is the voice of God.”

Maybe then they’ll start listening to us again.

Alan Speakman


One Response to When Government Stops Listening

  1. Maria says:

    I’m sorry but where our civil rights there are three pre-requisites to utilize them money, friendly politics, and your credit score. The Government stopeed listening to us a long time ago, they hold there ears down to anything that does not have to do with from. When did criminals start getting more rights than victims, again politics, money and your credit score. Why am i requeting asylum in Australia, because in the last month i have been despoerately trying to seek anyone who could help me save my children from what is about to be stolen from them so they wont focus on what already has. Why did my son attempt suicide and tell the police why he did it, who did it to him and how much he suffered, only to be called a liar from the very D.A. that was supposed to prosecute his perpatrator, instead attempst to prosecute me for pressing charges, oh yeah i forgot to tell you, he used to be my husbands former divorce attorney. Now that i have contacted every agency in the state of Texas of the urgency of this matter as i watch my two daughters fade into the distance to florida where there father took them without permission and against the court order but no one will help, how am i supposed to protect them if there own goverment wont, why are you delivering my other children into the hands of the same perpatrator that made my son hate himself so much he decided to down 90 pills a day. Disabled and barely mobile i will seek restituation and assylum from this very country that is making me deliver my kids to the man who not only broke my nose but also broke my spirit. How could you do this to them oh nation of mine. Why are you disregarding my children like tampons, when you know what is going to happen to them. But i can no longer wait for you to take action for i have no friendly political affiliates, or money and so i beg you if nothing else send us away, i promise never to bother you again, send us to australia where my kids can just once marvel at what beauty lies outside there stolen child hood and how good people live good lives. But please dont make me send them back, I’ve know him since we were kids, no one knows better than me how evil he is and how he destroyed my life using political ties and unethical legal practices. My life is gone, i dont care to see your justice anymore but please dont take away my kids lives, they actually still kind of think you care, it breaks my heart to see them starting to realize that you dont, and why or how you could do this to our family. Please anyone, help me seek asssylum….or my kids will never survive this…

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