Beck Goes For Broke

In Exposé Of Obama’s Czars

I’m concerned for Glenn Beck. I’m not kidding. He has spent the past year researching and exposing the real Barack Obama and documenting his hidden agenda for re-shaping America in his image of socialism. And this week on his TV show, he is pulling out all the stops in a segment called “The New Republic – America’s Future.” 

It’s a future we’d better hope never materializes. But it’s going to be up to the American people to step up now to make sure of that. And the only effective way of accomplishing this is to educate ourselves. Beck has been digging into the facts and has managed to save us some time with his presentation on his nightly Fox show.   

In order to fully understand Obama and what he’s trying to do to this country, one needs to start by looking closely — very closely — at who he’s surrounding himself with. And I don’t mean in his cabinet.  I am, of course, talking about the Czars. Consider:
  • Obama’s Czars are people who are picked by him and him only. 
  • His Czars go through NO confirmation hearings of any type. 
  • Czars don’t answer to Congress; they only answer to the President.
  • Yet these people help him establish policy, in spite of the fact that there’s nothing in the Constitution that grants them that level of unchecked power.

Given their impact on the implementation of America’s future, we must ask ourselves what we reallyknow about these Czars that are helping Obama to design the future of America.

 Let’s take a closer look:

In the first installment of “The New Republic – America’s Future,” Beck exposes Obama’s choice for “Green Jobs Czar,” Van Jones.  And if , by the time you’ve watched this segment (below) you aren’t deeply disturbed, you just haven’t been paying attention.  Take a look:

According to an article published earlier this week on the Swamp (a Chicago Tribune blog), Color of Change, the African American political advocacy group that was co-founded by Jones has organized an advertising boycott of Beck’s program. They claim to have commitments from 36 companies who pledge not to advertise on Beck’s program which has an estimated two million viewers. 

However, as Newsmax reports, the group may have exaggeraged their claims of success, and in fact the strategy may have backfired, as some major advertisers are considering pulling spots from all political talks shows:

Many of the companies the organization lists now deny they have anything to do with the boycott. Newsmax contacted Procter & Gamble, Progressive Insurance, SC Johnson, and Radio Shack, all of which said they have not directed Fox News to pull their ads from the Glenn Beck Program, as Color of Change has stated…

Consider, for example, the corporate response from Clorox. On Thursday, company executives wrote Hill stating: “After a comprehensive review of political talk shows across the spectrum, at this time we have made a decision not to advertise on political talk shows.”

Assuming the pro-Beck backlash continues, that probably means the activist campaign intended to hurt Beck will, ironically, damage Beck’s progressive competitors more than it hurts him.

Lost ads will impact smaller networks such as MSNBC far more than it will affect ratings juggernaut Fox News, industry sources say. 

Now, keep in mind this is only one of over 30 Czars Obama surrounds himself with and  is counting on to “re-structure” the United States. And if you think that’s scary, wait until you get to the bottom of ACORN, the group that has pleaded guilty to Voter Registration Fraud in numerous states – yet Obama has tapped them to handle next year’s Census.

What could possibly go wrong?

 Gerry Ashley


2 Responses to Beck Goes For Broke

  1. Lyn Vin says:

    This information is priceless, what it says we told our children, “who you hang out with is who you will become” so pick your friends wisely.
    I am appalled at who OBama has surrounded himself with for many years. Rev Wright was only the tip of the iceberg.
    And I wonder why more people are not interested in this sabatoging of America?

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    Note: We have removed a reply that was posted by a liberal unwilling to abide by our simple rules of courtesy and unable to restrain himself from resorting to obscenities and racial slurs. They are not tolerated on Grand Rants. The reply has been removed and the user banned from further participation.

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