When A Useful Idiot Ceases to Be Useful


Poor Cindy Sheehan. Even the media are ignoring her, allowing at best a passing mention of her expected arrival on the Vinyard today to continue her protest against the U.S. presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. (The Cape Cod Times? I mean, seriously: the Cape Cod Times?!)

Sheehan, who has toured the country in protest since her son, Casey, was killed fighting in Iraq in 2004, will host a gathering starting tomorrow near Blue Heron Farm, where the Obamas are spending the week.

While the oh-so-despised-by-the-media George W. Bush was in office, Ms. Sheehan was in her heyday, with nonstop press coverage every time she opened her mouth. It seemed there were as many reporters outside her “camp” in Crawford, Texas as there were covering the President’s home during the times President Bush vacationed there.

But autres temps, autres présidents. Now that Obama is in the White House, the press corps are barely giving her the time of day.

For years, Cindy Sheehan was the mainstream media’s ultimate useful idiot.

Now, she’s just an idiot.

H/T: JammieWearingFool



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