ObamaCare as Charity

Well here’s an idea! As the President is now preaching, we should be our brothers’ keepers, we are God’s partners in matters of life and death* (there’s those pesky death panels again!), and healthcare is a moral and ethical obligation. Aside from the part where POTUS declares God his junior partner, this might not be such a bad concept. According to the word of Obama and the Bible (both Old and New Testaments), clearly we have some sort of moral requirement to take care of those less fortunate than ourselves. But should it be mandated by law? Or should it be a voluntary duty each citizen takes on?

David Harsanyi of the Denver post writes:

While we have no clue what Jesus would make of a public option, we do have plenty of evidence that government tends to act immorally, corruptly and incompetently — especially a government with too much power. And the self-righteous elected official who has complete moral certitude on his side also has a tendency to ignore any other concerns. That detail has been painfully obvious in this debate.

Well, let’s take government mostly out of the equation. Clearly, if our obligation to the less fortunate is moral, ethical, spiritual, or religious, it can’t and shouldn’t be mandated, legislated, or dictated by the government. Render unto Obamius Caesar and all that, you know…

So perhaps the time has come to ditch all the legislative efforts in the House and Senate to overhaul our healthcare system, forget about single-payer and “public” options, and instead simply create a charitable fund to cover that inflated 47 million who don’t have health coverage right now — and give big deductions to those who contribute, in order to encourage more donations.

Think of it. Instead of spending trillions of dollars, spread over decades of ever-increasing debt, let’s get rid of Medicare and Medicaid (we can tackle Social Security later) which would save us uncountable more trillions of dollars! Those poor unfortunates who can’t afford coverage for whatever reason will have coverage funded by the Barack & A Hardplace Charity. Of course, donations to Barack/Hardplace would have to be entirely voluntary. If you legislate it, it’s not charity, is it? There’s no such thing as a coerced donation, any more than there exists, oh, what? Mandated volunteerism?

Nah, it probably wouldn’t work after all, because the same productive tax-paying citizens would end up donating to the fund, and the same deadbeats would end up mooching off it. And the truly needy would still be screwed. Unless the partnership of Obama & God, Ltd stepped in.

President Obama, if you’re going to talk the religious talk, you’d best be prepared to walk the walk. Or in parlance even a Chicago guy could understadn: mouth, money; put.

H/T: Commenter Milliann

*Jack Moline, the rabbi who twittered Obama’s conference call to 1,000 rabbis, has deleted his entire Twitter stream, due to his “lack of tech literacy” which resulted in “a huge mistake”. Yes, accidentally telling (or reporting) the truth can sometimes be regarded as a mistake. Especially by this administration.


Note: for more very interesting reading about the conference call between President Obama and the Rabbis, Rabbi Josh Yuter has a terrific write-up, which you can read here.


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