A Major New Talent Emerges


Over at HotAir, which is one of our favorite sites, they recently opened an area called the Green Room. The Green Room publishes a regular stable of new up-and-coming writers on a variety of political topics. Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit still do the front page articles, but occasionally a Green Room article will be so good that it gets promoted to main page status.

While this particular article, “Glenn Beck and the Unforgivable Curse wasn’t so promoted, it should have been; and it stands as a glowing example of writing that is so clear, so eloquent, so extraordinary that it outshines everything I’ve read (and written!) for a while.

We’ve quoted Dr. Zero here at Grand Rants before, at which time I recommended him to any aspiring Republican candidate as head speech-writer. (This is not to denigrate the other Green Room writers, all of whom at one time or another have written something that made me think, “Wow!”)

But with today’s effort, I’m thinking that if Sarah Palin is thinking about 2012, she’d better call Dr. Zero, stat. Here’s a highlight:

The comment that got Beck in hot water involved calling President Obama a racist, who has “deep-seated hatred for white people of the white culture.” Calling any liberal a “racist” is the Avada Kedavra of political discourse, the Unforgivable Curse. Admittedly, it seems like an unprovoked act of rhetorical aggression. It’s not like Obama and his party have been running around calling everyone who disagrees with them racists, mindless drones, un-American traitors, Nazis, assassins, or Astroturf lawn gnomes who get their opinions from their corporate paymasters. Oh, wait, it’s exactly like that.

Just like that! Facts, pop culture, analogy, Nazis, and sarcasm. This man is a master of his craft. Another example:

We have arrived at a moment when politics determines the survival of entire industries. Broken companies are dug up from shallow graves at the edges of the free market, and reanimated with massive infusions of tax dollars, for the benefit of the politically-connected union infestations that killed them. [Emphasis mine.] People who end up on the wrong side of health-care rationing could pay for their unwise 2008 presidential votes with their lives. There is no place where a taxpayer can go to secure a refund for his share of the squandered $787 billion “stimulus” bill… just as there will be no place to go when they discover socialized medicine is a disaster. There will only be a comment box at the local Post Office / Government Surgical Clinic, where you can scribble your complaint on the back of your organ donor card.

Words fail me, where clearly they didn’t fail Dr. Zero. Reading this article made me want to jump up and run around the room yelling, “Yes! Yes! YES!!!” Since I was on a bus at the time, I refrained.

But my, oh my, I’m thinking Michelle Malkin and Ed and Allah have a major new talent on their hands here. I urge you to go over to the Green Room at HotAir and read the entire article. All of it is that good.

Thanks, Dr. Zero.



3 Responses to A Major New Talent Emerges

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  2. TaxachusettsGirl says:

    Thank you for pointing this out… This is the exact sentiment of probably a majority of the country…

    If only they knew this November 3rd, 2008…

    • Stoutcat says:

      The really sad thing is, the information was there for anyone who was paying attention, well prior to November ’08. But it wasn’t spoon-fed to people, nor was it handed to them on a silver platter, like all the O propoganda. Interested people had to go looking for it. The writing was on the wall, but nobody was looking at the wall.

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