At Last, New Jobs Are Being Created!


Silver linings, folks, You’ve got to concentrate on finding the silver linings these days, and here’s a doozy gleaming through the dark economic clouds: President Obama’s new healthcare initiatives really are creating new jobs… lots and lots of new jobs!

RedState reports on the thousands of jobs posted on Craigslist advertising for people to work countering all that fishy mis-information floating around and shouting over the voices of the “mobs” that gather at the town hall meetings.

Talented leaders to work for health care reform ($11-$16/hour)

Help pass Obama’s Health Care Reform! Earn $325-$550 per week!

Why spend your summer stuck behind a cash register when you could WORK FOR CHANGE!

And VerumSerum chimes in with who’s behind it all, and it’s just who you’d expect.

Just to sum up the big picture here based on what we know now… One of HCAN’s partners is mobilizing people nationwide to “fight” against opponents of reform and is partnering with a group that has put ads for paid canvassers ($4,000 to $6,000 for the summer) on Craigslist nationwide. In effect, HCAN is hiring people to literally get in people’s faces and push Obama’s agenda.

This is what the left considers “grassroots.” Meanwhile, a memo written by a guy in Connecticut which was sent out to 10 people is proof that reform opponents of Obama Care are part of a deceptive astroturf campaign. Hopefully that’s all making perfect sense now.

So you see, although no bill has been passed yet (or finalized, or debated, or even actually, you know, read), the President’s heath care overhaul has already jump-started the job market. Why, I expect to see the unemployment rate plummet within the next few weeks, if not sooner.

And I have some beautiful beachfront property in Florida for sale, too. Cash only. Call me.



3 Responses to At Last, New Jobs Are Being Created!

  1. Gail S says:

    This is exactly what the Stimulus Package and Omnibus Spending bills are paying for.

    We, who are protesting this horrendous health care legislation at our own expense, are also funding paying for society’s leeches to get paying jobs to strip us of both our liberty and our earnings.

    Best regards,
    Gail S

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    Excellent point, Gail. We’re funding the President’s goon squad. Well, actually, that’s not really news. When I found out that ACORN is being given $5 billion this year from the Porkulus Spending bill that Obama signed before anyone could read it, I knew the writing (and our money) was on the wall. Oh, and as if that isn’t enough? ACORN stands to get another $3 Billion for NEXT year.

    So, folks, if you want to put some of that Stimulus money, all you have to do is show up at these town hall meetings we’ve been waiting for and “go to the dark side” for the afternoon. Trace the money you’ll be earning, and I’ll bet it gets traced back eventually to ACORN.

    And POTUS wonders why his popularity is plunging faster than Barney Frank’s drool at a Pork buffet…

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