Being Civil at Town Meetings

As a conservative independent, here are my $.02…

As the town meetings unfold, I urge conservatives and Republicans to remain civil. I’m watching Neil Cavuto now (4 PM EST), and there are all there pictures of citizens in town meetings losing their cool. Bad idea – that’s not us. Those are the tantrums of Code Pink and the Demobrats, but not us. We are after all, the ilk of the older American tradition of disagreeing without being disagreeable.

Here’s my suggestion. Go to the town hall meeting and when you get your chance, state your question something like this:

“My question Senator Smith is specifically how do you intend to deal with the stunning $55 trillion deficit considering that we’re adding another $1.3 trillion? AND I want you to know that if you give me the usual “politician babble,” I will turn my back on you and leave and I will tell all my friends of my experience and I don’t think anyone should ever vote for you even if you run for dog catcher.”

Obviously, I used my favorite issue of the debt… you can use health care or whatever. But the point is that we conservatives can make a point without yelling, shoving, or worse. Those are the behaviors of spoiled children – namely “The Left.”

So IMHO, ask your question and wait for an answer. If you get baloney, politely leave. If the union thugs lock you out, peacefully document the event and spread just the facts.

With that, I’ll step away…

Alan Speakman


One Response to Being Civil at Town Meetings

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Alan you are exactly right, don’t stay away from Town Hall’s or contact with your Congressmen or Senators… but be informed.. There are many troubling aspects to the Health Care Reform Bill… # 3022… If there are union thugs or Acorn people there, don’t instigate but be firm and insist that your right to speech is important… We cannot lay down and let them shove this up our rears.

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