Goon-Squad Rule: It’s Not Coming, It’s HERE

White House Aide Jim Messina: “PUNCH BACK TWICE AS HARD!”

Well, it would seem that the moment we have talked about and feared is upon us. The first assaults by Obama supporters (in this case, the SEIU) against Americans who simply wish to voice opinions to their elected representatives has taken place (see “There Will Be Bloodshed“).

The seemingly impossible is happening. The President of the United States is sitting by while goon squads do the ugly work of beating down “dissent” in the form of law-abiding citizens who are against his master plan.  Oh, he might try to play the part up by releasing a statement with all the strength of cambric tea, decrying violence. But we all know that he could end any violence, actual or potential, in a moment were that his desire.

You know that. I know that. And Mark Levin (author of the best-seller “Liberty & Tyranny” knows that:

Michelle Malkin knows that and offers examples of how SEIU (Service Employees International Union) thugs are descending on unsuspecting crowds at meetings to protest the Obama Healthcare to local representatives.  In typical Chicago-style beat-down politics, physical intimidation tactics and assaults are used to subdue opposition to the President’s plans.

We’re used to seeing this in countries run by dictators, tyrants, and thugs. Did you ever think you would live to see it happening here with a President who, for all intent and purpose, is all three? Make no mistake: We are just beginning to see the evidence of it. When there is bloodshed, it will be as much on Obama’s hands as it is on those who swing the fists and clubs. If anyone questioned his agenda before, it’s time to take your head out of the sand and take a stand. Now is the time to come to the aid of your country… or forever hang your head in shame.

Folks, DO NOT MIS-READ THE WARNING SIGNS: We are entering dark times. This is not merely about a sitting President trying to ram down our throats legislation that will bankrupt the country, this is also a power struggle to take over an American government that has worked for well since its inception — and change it into a thug-run dictatorship or Marxist regime.

Fortunately, since the liberals decided long ago that God should not be allowed in our schools or connected with government, I think we can truly say that God is on our side. The side that is right. The side that still believes in a government run by the people, for the people, and that such a government shall not perish from this earth.

Those are words that Barack Obama has never embraced. While it’s every President’s sworn duty to uphold our Constitution (and by extension, glorious words such as those above), it is apparently up to us to bring pressure to bear on this President, reminding him of his responsibility.

What We Must Do Now:

Here’s what we must all strive to do:

  • Educate yourselves! Of all the weapons we could bring to this fight, education (a strong understanding of the facts regarding the issues) is the strongest weapon we could ask for
  • Attend the community/town hall meetings
  • Take notes
  • Demand answers from your representatives
  • If a goon-squad member should give you any trouble, make sure you have someone catch it on video or photograph

Get involved peacefully, but defend yourself if you must. Nothing less than the future of this country and how we live is at stake.

Gather your wits about you, America!  I’m embarrassed when I see how uninformed and unengaged we have allowed ourselves to become. It is time to stand and be recognized as the force we are. Not a force for violence (like Obama’s goon-squads), but a force for restoration. We will restore who represents us in Washington DC. from politicians who have forgotten they work for us. We will restore the Presidency to one who will protect and defend the Constitution — not tear it down or do end-runs around it.

Two Excellent Sources To Educate Yourselves: The two references below are excellent sources of information for those trying to get up to speed in the current political world.

The People Decide
This is a non-partisan site that enables people to learn and track pending legislation as well as learn in detail how our political system is laid out for us to utilize. It’s an excellent source of bi-partisan information.

The Heritage Foundation.
The Heritage Foundation is an American conservative think tank based in Washington, D.C. Heritage is widely considered to be one of the most influential research organizations in the United States.

As we enter what may well be the most critical time in this country’s domestic history, to remain uninformed is to be foolhardy at best. And at worst? Let’s just say, if you’re not willing to take a stand to defend all that our soldiers fought and died for, then you can’t handle the truth of what lies ahead if we don’t stand firm now against Goon-Squad Rule.  It’s not coming… it’s here.

And if the stench seems familiar, it’s because the history books already covered it more than half a century ago, in the chapters on the Brown Shirts of Hitler’s Germany.

Gerry Ashley


6 Responses to Goon-Squad Rule: It’s Not Coming, It’s HERE

  1. If you don’t know who Rick Scott is then you don’t know who is duping you. This is the false prophet. Scott is the money-changer you let into your temple. Scott is a big health care CEO (whose company by the way was fined $1.3 billion for fraud) who is financing the disruption of the town hall meetings. He is the temptor who has cause you to stumble into the gospel of hatred for your fellow man. His “salvation” (money) is to get you to server corporate profits instead of your fellow man.

    One Master said “Feed my sheep,” “As ye do to the least of these my brothers, you do unto me.” Perhaps you can appreciate how that would be served by universal health care?
    The other “master” says, “shout them down,” and “voice your anger.” Does that really serve your mission to be the spreader of the Good News?

    I truly feel sorry for good-hearted people who have been drawn into the hatred of political extremism and who honestly think they are serving Christ, when in fact they are serving corporate lobbyists. What a shame!

    Check it out:

  2. Gerry Ashley says:


    First, thank you for your reply.

    Second, with all due respect, NOBODY is “doping me” as you claim. I simply choose not to drink the Obama cool-aid that so many liberals have done (and many are now regretting).

    Your criticism of Rick Scott lacks in credibility because you (and Rick Sanchez on CNN by the way) both seem to be using (directly or indirectly) “Media Matters” as your principal source of talking points.

    Whether you’re quoting directly from them or from a liberal based media source (MS-NBC, NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC etc. etc. etc.), most of their anti-conservative talking points originate with “Media Matters.”

    Media Matters, for those reading this reply and are unaware, is nothing more than a liberal-funded “Witch Hunt” group set up as a Non-Profit organization by author David Brock. Their sole purpose is to “investigate” any news source, talk show host or anyone that has the audacity to take an opposing view to the liberal take.

    To suggest that Media Matters is biased in their reporting is an understatement somewhat akin to suggesting that a person standing before a tidal wave experiences moisture.

    They tried to take a statement from Rush Limbaugh (about a caller who claimed to be an Iraqi War vet who was against the war, but turned out to be an imposter) and twist it into claiming Rush had said ANY soldier who criticizes the war is a “fake soldier.”

    It was clearly not what Limbaugh had said but, ironically, the truth didn’t matter to Media Matters when you have the opportunity to tarnish the reputation of the number one conservative radio talk show host in the world. MM was blinded by what they saw as a rare opportunity to knock off Rush from his pedestal and, in doing so, abandoned all journalistic integrity in the process. Their claim was picked up by all the liberal news programs who then repeated them verbatim like good little “Stepford Scribes.”

    It didn’t work, though.

    I have to be honest here: When someone starts their comment by predicating his/her comment on the assumption that I’m the one who is being duped, only to use Media Matters as their source, I’m pretty much going to dismiss the remainder of the comment.

    But I DO have to comment on one more thing. I find it ludicrous for anyone to point to someone like Rick Scott as being the sole person behind the Conservative revolt for Obama’s “Let’s Bankrupt America” health plan. For anyone to actually try to sell that talking point, I have only two words:

    “George Soros.”

    Again, for those who don’t recognize the name, Soros is a major source of funding for “Media Matters” as well as

    And finally, a comment about your criticism of conservatives as “people who are drawn into the hatred of political extremism…”
    I don’t need to be lectured to by someone who supports REAL political extremism… i.e. the utilization of union goon squads to literally BEAT BACK law-obiding citizens who want to voice their opposition. THERE is your political extremism and hatred. And in my opinion, that can be traced all the way up to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    Again, with all due respect: DO YOUR HOMEWORK: You need to carefully re-think just who has been duped here. Here’s a hint: Begin your search by looking into a mirror.

  3. Karen Northon says:

    Excellent, thorough article! This is why I put you on my blogroll!

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Thank you, Karen. We are doing our level-headed best. And thank you very much for putting us on your blogroll!

  4. Mary Lou says:

    Well Said … I am not part of a organized group or have not been funded or contacted by anyone in the “evil” insurance of drug companies.. I am an average American who is very concerned with the health care reform bill.. it’s not about health care people it’s about control… Mr. Obama and fellow democrats are all about controlling the masses… We have to get educated and have to voice our opposition .. Goon Squads will not keep me from speaking out…. What is the big emergency Mr. Obama? We still have the best health care in the world.. It can use some reform, Tort Reform for one thing… but rushing into something this important is not about fixing health care.. again people it’s about Control….

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Hi Mary Lou,

      Thank you for your reply. Yes, it seems that this “Gotta get this passed IMMEDIATELY” mantra is the standard technique used by the POTUS. I say technique, because this is a recommended technique by people like Saul Alinsky (Barack Obama’s hero).

      In this case, Obama wanted to rush through the Health Care reform and Cap & Trade before we got a chance to really see what was IN the bills (just like he did so succesfully with his “Crapulus” package back shortly after becoming President.

      He knew if we actually had time to READ and COMPREHEND what was in the bill(s), we would reject them as too expensive and radical. It worked with Crapulus, because so many Americans were still underthe spell of the new, articulate President. However, once we caught on to his agenda, people started pushing back.

      Unless he pulls some kind of trickery to stay in office, the Obama experiment will, I predict, be a failed one, but ONLY if Americans stay on track and hold our ground against his attempts to pin us down.

      NOTE BENE: In “Rules for Radicals,” Alinsky clearly identifies the “real enemy” in this country as the MIDDLE CLASS and NOT the rich. THIS is why we MUST take a stand; we MUST read the legislation and make sure we understand what they are NOT telling us and hoping we won’t ntice until it’s too late.

      Unfortunately, he succeeded in ramming Crapulus by us and, in doing so, managed to fund ACORN to the tune of $5 BILLION this year and they are on track to receive another $3 BILLION next year. Ask yourself: What does a community organization like ACORN need with all that money (OUR money, by the way)?

      Now let’s add “1&1.” If we, (the middle class), are “the real enemy” then just WHO are we the enemy OF? Could we be “the real enemy” of the neighborhoods ACORN represents? And WE just funded them with BILLIONS of dollars? For what? And WHO does Barack Obama, community organizer-turned-President, represent here?

      Thank God Americans are finally catching on to that (I mean when the POTUS hires union THUGS to hold down dissent for Obama’s plans, there’s something VERY wrong… and we HAVE to take a stand).

      It won’t be easy: Obama isn’t going to give up without hiring as many goon squads to shut us up and shut us down. Count on it. Something wicked comes this way… and the slumbering lemmings of America voted for it because we’ve come to a point where far too many lazy and/or ignorant people simply respond to smiles and soundbites from “rock star” politicians. Let’s hope we’re not too late to turn things BACK before we lose everything 10 generations of Americans have fought and died for.

      Yes, it’s that serious.

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