Oh, To Be A Fly On Hillary Clinton’s Wall!


As Michelle Malkin reports, journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee have arrived back in the US after spending six months in a North Korean jail.

First, we must offer our congratulations to former POTUS Bill “Git ‘er done” Clinton for doing what Hillary should have been able to do, but couldn’t: he negotiated with N. Korea’s Kim Jong Il for the release of journalists Ling and Lee, who had been jailed in that country since March. Both had been sentenced to 12 years in a labor camp after being accused of sneaking into North Korea and engaging in “hostile acts.” 

President Obama lavished Clinton with praise and then praised Al Gore who co-founded the company that employs Ling and Lee. No mention was made of the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

hillary-clinton puffed upThis could not be more awkward  for Hillary.  As Secretary of State, the only thing she has been able to get North Korea to do is laugh at her and make jokes about her “looking like a pensioner shopping.” 

However, the families of both freed women included Mrs. Clinton in their thanks, and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, the former U.N. ambassador (who had been considered for this mission, and had acted as special envoy for similar situations in the past) credited Hillary for being involved from  a distance.

Another point Richardson brought up: North Korea does not want to talk to members of the current administration. That suggests Hillary’s visit there went signficantly worse than previously reported.

In any event, the reporters are home safely, thanks, at least publicly, to Bill Clinton. And you just know that had to make for some interesting dinner talk for “Bill & Hill.” I can hear it now…

Bill: “So how was your day, sugar?”
Hillary: “Oh, you know… the same old crap.Obama this and Obama that! I’m getting so sick of it!”   
Bill: “Yeah, I hear ya. Say, before I forget, I took care of that little problem you were having over there in N. Korea. You know, those two reporter chicks?”
Hillary:Damn it, Bill! When I said, ‘I could use a little more help around here’, I meant with cleaning and doing laundry and stuff like THAT. So… how did you get Kim to release them?”
Bill: “Oh, it was nothin’ really. I don’t want to bore you with the details…”
Hillary: Bore me already! I need to know so I don’t wind up looking like an idiot next time!”
Bill: “Sugarplum, I really don’t think…” (Sound of a lamp bursting into thousands of pieces).
Hillary: William Jefferson Clinton… you had better start talking right now, or the next lamp will be on your head!
Bill: “Well… alright. Just remember you asked for it. Kim just said, “Tell you what. You keep your pensioner wife away from here and you can have both reporters.” So, you see, hon it wasn’t all that… hey, where ya going?”

Gerry Ashley


6 Responses to Oh, To Be A Fly On Hillary Clinton’s Wall!

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  2. leafless says:

    “That suggests Hillary’s visit there went signficantly worse than previously reported.”

    Hillary visited North Korea? I didn’t know this. Also, I thought a deal had already been reached before Mr. Clinton’s visit. Maybe I’m just an ignorant fool.

  3. Gerry Ashley says:

    Yes, but it didn’t go well for her at all. She went there to negotiate an end to their nuclear testing of missles etc. and they laughed at her and said she looked like “a pensioner out shopping…” Yet, they leaped at the chance to have Bill Clinton come in and save the day.

    I’ve heard unconfirmed reports that the deal was done with Clinton prior to him going over there. It wouldn’t surprise me. And even then, it wouldn’t surprise me if one of the conditions was that Hillary didn’t come with him.

    It must really suck to be Hillary right about now. And yes… These ARE Crocodile tears.

    Thanks for your comment.

  4. 迷你倉 says:

    An aircraft carrying former US president Bill Clinton and the two American journalists freed by North Korea took off for Los Angeles from a US military base in Japan , broadcaster NHK said.

    ”The airplane carrying the group took off from the Misawa Air Base shortly after noon after refuelling,” said NHK, showing footage of the chartered aircraft taking off from the US base in Aomori prefecture.

    Clinton secured the release of the two TV journalists, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, after a surprise mercy dash to meet veteran communist leader Kim Jong Il.

    The women are in “very good health,” a senior US official said in Washington.

    Kim agreed to pardon the TV reporters after Clinton ”expressed words of sincere apology,” the official Korean Central News Agency reported, although Washington denied Clinton had made such a gesture.

    Clinton later flew out of North Korea with the pardoned American women, who were expected to be reunited with family and loved ones in Los Angeles early Wednesday local time.

    Ling and Lee were arrested in March while reporting near North Korea’s border with China and sentenced in June to 12 years of hard labor.

    The two women had been on an assignment for San Francisco-based television network Current TV at the time of their arrest.


  5. 迷你倉 says:

    Thanks for the information.

    By 迷你倉

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