Boxer Proves Her Idiocy Once Again


I simply have to wonder how this woman got elected. What is wrong with the people in her state? Oh, yeah, I forgot. It’s California.

In the clip below, she not only sounds like an idiot, but the words themselves are idiotic as well.

Let me get this straight: You can’t be an authentic protester if you’re too well dressed? And she knows this because she went to Florida and saw the same thing? Wow! And then, to put the capper on it, she invoked Ronald Reagan. That’ll shut ’em up, all right.

But given her constituency, I can see where she might have trouble distinguishing between her usual hippie, rabble-rouser, Code Pink, ACORN, SEIU pals, and a gathering of well-dressed people with actual jobs who feel strongly enough about an issue to take some time off and make their voices heard.

Babs is an idiot as well as a racist, and she’s just proved the “idiot” part of it all over again.

H/T: HotAir



2 Responses to Boxer Proves Her Idiocy Once Again

  1. Eric says:

    She is an idiot! But that just tells you what kind of liberal people that lives in California for voting her in office. A leftist at best…look what they’ll do to this country in the next couple of years…bankrupt and without morals!

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    Eric, that’s why it’s imperative we stay active and make a countermove for ever step in the wrong direction they try to make.

    I am convinced it is Obama’s goal to tear down this country’s economy, bankrupt the nation and then rebuild it in his image of the “perfect socialist state.” And he’s got all the “O-bots” he needs in Congress unless we vote ’em out in the mid-terms. I hate sounding like an alarmist, but the future of the country is at stake and NOTHING LESS.

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