Suds Diplomacy… The Missing Story

Man, did I blow the prediction of the outcome of the famous (infamous?) meeting between Prof. Gates, Sgt. Crowley, the POTUS, and (unexpectedly) Joe Biden. (Did you notice that Joe was drinking non-alcoholic beer? Hmmm…) I claimed that there was too much at stake, that the unions didn’t want to pick a fight with Obama, and that Obama definitely didn’t want to pick a fight with the unions. That Obama would demand “nicey-nicey” between the cop and the prof as a good photo op and happy ending.

So what actually happened? Who knows… Maybe the cop was just stubborn and was in the right and wouldn’t apologize. Maybe… Or just maybe it had something to do with the union brass that accompanied the good Sergeant to that fateful “Beer Summit.”

I don’t know. Here’s my guess, though. The President just met the Fifth Estate — an estate of his own creation. Read that unions. Powerful unions… Oh there are the old standbys like the AFL/CIO, and the UAW, etc. But there are others like police unions and SEIU… The very unions that assured Barack Obama’s election them, now want their pound of flesh and then some.

Like I said, I don’t know… But the POTUS was mostly quiet during the “Suds Summit” for a reason… (And from here the speculations freely flow…) Perhaps he was pondering the sleeping giant he’d just awakened. Perhaps he was reminded of the old expression that when two elephants fight, the grass gets trampled. Maybe he was calculating the teachers unions vs. the police unions vs. the AFL/CIO vs. the “Area 51 union”… In any event, something strange happened a few days ago. Even Prof. Gate’s daughter Elizabeth, somewhat self-righteously, said as much

Regardless… There’s something missing here; a part of the story we don’t quite understand yet (if we ever will). Just how much power do the unions have over the Executive Branch of this presidency?

My guess is that’s the missing story, as well asthe formal and rather hoary birth of the Fifth Estate.

Alan Speakman


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