Clinton Sludge in Michelle’s Garden

OK, color me confused: Michelle Obama’s lovely and productive organic veggie garden is in trouble. And at least one report indicates that the Clintons left behind them a toxic “sludge” where the First Lady started her own well-publicized garden.

…Michelle Obama’s “organic” garden has been besieged by icky goo in the ground. As a result, the veggies aren’t quite what the first lady had in mind. According to Daily Finance, the National Park Service tested the soil in the vegetable patch and found “highly elevated levels of lead” due to sewage used as fertilizer.

In this day and age (yes, and even 16 years ago), what kind of lunatic fertilizes with toxic sewage? How on earth could this happen? The Clintons are no fools. Neither is the National Park Service. Lead is not an element to play with, and is particularly dangerous to developing brains. Pray that Malia and Sasha stayed away from that area… Pb and children are not a healthy mix.

I’m completely at a loss here. Nobody wants their kids (or anyone else’s) to suffer exposure to lead.  Lord knows the folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — under all administrations — should be able to both plan and execute a clean garden.  (Cripes, I can do that much, and I can’t even wear clean socks for 7 days running.) In short, what went wrong?

I’m literally just shaking my head…

Alan Speakman


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