All the President’s Czars


Whew! Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA)  created this knock-out on President Obama and his multitude of czars.

It just keeps getting worse and worse…

H/T: Michelle Malkin,


13 Responses to All the President’s Czars

  1. […] The guy behind Michelle Malkin and Michelle Bachmann is throwing up into an air sickness bag. All the President’s Czars – 07/30/2009   Whew! Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA)  created this knock-out […]

  2. Lasher says:

    Lasher wonders just how many of these “Czars” are of the “chosen people.” It is beyond all reason that a 2% minority of Jews can be so ubiquitous in our government. It seems as though at least 50% of the Washington, D.C. paper pushers and the secretaries, aides, “spokespersons,” and especially the “advisors, etc. are of the “Semitic” persuasion.

    What has happened to America in the last 50 years or so? Gone are the predominantly white, Christian officials of yesteryear, and prevalent to a disgusting degree are the seemingly anti-American, un-American, collectivist, our-way-at-any-cost, treasonous misfits who detest American mores and values.

    God help America!

    • Stoutcat says:

      Lasher, I’m not sure what your point is here. Seems to me that in this administration it is possible–if not mandatory–to be “anti-American, un-American, collectivist, our-way-at-any-cost, treasonous misfits who detest American mores and values” without being of the “chosen.” In fact, given Pres. Obama’s association with Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Chas Freeman, etc., it is surprising that there are any people of Jewish faith or heritage in his coterie. Note, I’m not saying that there aren’t–Emanuel and Axelrod spring to mind immediately, of course; I’m just saying it’s somewhat surprising there are any, given O’s associates.

      • Lasher says:


        In addition to Emanuel and Axlerod, here are some more who have miraculously materialized as factors in the Obama disaster:
        Warren Buffet
        Penny Pritzker
        Robert Rubin
        Eric Schmidt
        Paul Volcker
        Nick Shapiro
        Ron Bloom
        Timothy Geithner
        Jeffrey Immelt
        David Moffett
        Alan Bersit
        Gil Kerlikowske
        Steven Rattner
        Larry Summers
        Alan Blinder
        Jason Furman
        Peter Orszag
        Jon Liebowitz
        Ron Klein
        Jared Bernstein
        Kenneth Feinberg
        Cass Sunstein

        You don’t really believe Obama was palsy-walsy with all these Jews before he got the nomination, do you? It is apparent to any thinking person that these Zionist hangers-on were provided to him by the “powers-that-be,” to coin a phrase recently uttered by John Conyers. The amazing point is that these people are only a 2-3% minority in America, yet they are as prevalent in “our” government as fleas on a mongrel dog.

  3. Lasher says:

    It appears Obama is trying to lessen the unemployment problem by appointing “Czars.”

  4. Lasher says:

    Why was Lasher’s last post “discarded?”

  5. Lasher says:

    Lasher still awaits a comment on the plethora of Jews in the government. Is everyone afraid of The Lobby?

  6. Lasher says:

    It must be taboo to mention the Jewish culture-destroyers who are doing to this country the same things they were doing to every nation in Europe that expelled them throughout history. Only one people had the guts to oppose them, and they paid dearly for their efforts. So who controls whom?

  7. Stoutcat says:

    Lasher, get over yourself. If you’re that afraid of Jews, move to “Palestine” or Egypt or Saudi Arabia, where they’re equally terrified.

  8. Lasher says:

    Entire comment removed. Lasher has now been banned as a commenter here at Grand Rants.

  9. Volume Pills says:

    This BRAT needs jail time. It is likely the only way she may learn to grow up and learn about responsibility. I say send her to a hardend criminal prison for her 90 days and let her see how smart she is then…

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