Please Don’t Go to D.C.

To: Sergeant James Crowley
Cambridge Police Department
People’s Republic of Cambridge, MA

Dear Sgt. Crowley,

You have nothing to gain by your planned trip to Washington D. C. to have a beer with two racists, and everything to lose.

All accounts from witnesses to released recordings of the 911 call to the recording of the incident itself exonerate you from the charges of racism that have been flung your way. Your history and your work record substantiate your behavior that night. Your colleagues are eloquent in their defense of you, and people famous, not quite as famous, and not famous at all, are standing up for you.

President Obama, the man who brought the entire incident into the limelight in the first place, is now trying to placate, well, everyone, I guess, by inviting you and Professor Gates to have a beer with him at the White House. His reasons for doing so are to prove that you’re all one big happy family, and to divert attention from the fact that the President of the United States commented outrageously and entirely inappropriately on something about which he knew nothing. He opened his mouth, spoke — in a nationally televised press conference — without knowing the facts of the case, and accused you and the Cambridge Police Department of acting stupidly.

The awful realities are obvious. The President is once again trying to back away from the fact that he is a racist. Professor (“Your Momma”) Gates is a racist. And, sadly, your police unions would happily throw your personal integrity under the bus to maintain a cozy relationship with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Please don’t pander to these racists and opportunists. Don’t legitimize their attempts to make this a “teaching moment” or a “learning moment” or whatever the phrase du jour is, by lending your presence (and thereby your tacit approval) to this farce.

Say no. Stay home.



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