ObamaCare/Affirmative Action… Be Careful What You Wish For

It’s funny, really… As “Obamacare” gradually attains its sad and twisted shape, catastrophic failure of our health care system isn’t so much of an issue to DC as are the political ramifications therein. After all, we all know of the Massachusetts experiment of 2006. Michael Tanner wrote about the lessons we should learn from it in his article “Massachusetts Miracle or Massachusetts Miserable: What the Failure of the ‘Massachusetts Model’ Tells Us about Health Care Reform.”

With the “Massachusetts model” frequently cited as a blueprint for health care reform, it is important to recognize that giving the government greater control over our health care system will have grave consequences for taxpayers, providers, and health care consumers. That is the lesson of the Massachusetts model.

What a mess, but then again, given the myopia of our elected officials, all one can say is, what the heck…

But to make things even more pathetic, Obama is trying to out-Massachusetts Massachusetts. Consider the following; Under the current Congressal plan (all 1,018 pages of it), there are lots of provisions for preferential treatment for “under-represented” peoples… Yeah, we’re basically talking affirmative action on steroids… No great catastrophe, right? Uh huh.

So far I haven’t told you a thing you didn’t already know, right? But here’s where the cheese gets more binding for the fat-cat liberals. They don’t have to worry about guv’ment health care any more than Barack has to worry about public schooling for his children…. But there is a sentence in the American Thinker post linked above that bears terrible scrutiny…

The bill does not state what would qualify as a “demonstrated record”, so we can expect medical schools and the other entities (emphasis mine – Alan Speakman) to do whatever they think they can get away with to train as many “individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups” as they think they might need to have a better “demonstrated record” in this regard then other entities competing for the grants and contracts

You see, in my past life, I was a gen-yoo-wine engineer. Yup, I was (and am) a product of one of those “other entities”. And even back then when I was a student, I watched the creeping influence of affirmative action and its distaff cousins, women’s rights and feminism. Classmates would pass classes who clearly had no right to. I distinctly remember back in the early ’90s one student pulling the “Sex Card” claiming that the prof attempted to flunked her because she was a woman. She passed the course with a C. It happens, right? No great catastrophe right? Well, I knew the woman and tried to study with her, and she was an idiot.

So to bring this full circle. We all want the same chance. We all want to be treated the same – no one is special. No one gains so much as one inch over the other because of race, creed, religion, sex, orientation, etc. This is 2009, and not 1959.

Yeah, working stiffs like me had to work two or even three jobs to make it through college. I still earned three degrees. I had to sweat a lot more than most, but I made it. (And sometimes having the last name of “Speakman” didn’t help either.) But that’s life. It ain’t fair and it never will be. And I think we’ve tried to “level the playing field” plenty. But the Obama/liberal mindset is that it really is no big deal if we use preferential treatment in med schools and “other entities”. So what if those “entities” churn out unqualified doctors, nurses and engineers? Barack and his cronies don’t care. They can buy the very best.

But fate doesn’t play favorites. Every politician (or a family member) is going to have to get on a jet someday. And they’d better hope that the engineers who designed that jet, and those who currently maintain it, and the pilots who fly it really know what they’re doing, and were not just “beneficiaries” of affirmative action programs, graduations,  promotions, or “other entities”.

They’d better hope that the aerospace company didn’t have a “Diversity Manager”. They’d better hope that the engineering professors didn’t grade on a curve or take into consideration the “underrepresented”. So think of that all, my liberal friends… all you “Community Organizers” and “Civil Advocates”… This is an engineer talking… You take a good long look at that jet’s wing. The laws of physics are merciless.

And speaking as an engineer and not a politician or lobbyist, catastrophic failure means real catastrophe and not something that we can blame on the previous administration.

Alan Speakman


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