The New Racists

Skippy Gates

What a fortunate man is Skippy Gates! Imagine coming home from a long trip, not being able to find your keys, and having to have your driver help you break into your own home. Imagine also having good neighbors who, knowing you have been out of town, are keeping an eye on your home for you. Then imagine having a police force which is also quick to protect your home — your castle! — from intruders.

Imagine the appreciation with which you would greet the conscientious police officer who was investigating a possible break-in at your home! You’d be eager to show that you were the home owner, and would gladly show identification to prove it.  Why, you might even call your neighbor to thank her for her diligence.

Of course if you imagined Skippy Gates behaving in such a manner, you’d be wrong. No, Mr. Gates, instead of showing gratitude for the care that his neighbors and the police showed, immediately screamed “Racism!” Of course you know the rest of the story. Lawsuits, recriminations, and the ugly spectre of racism hanging over an arguable exemplary police officer, all on the bitter say-so of an aging, angry race-baiter with an enormous chip on his shoulder.

obamaIn another surprise turn of events, it looks like Barack Obama, America’s first ever post-racial president, isn’t so post-racial after all. By his own words, he’s a good old-fashioned racist. During a nationally televised pimp-my-healthcare program press conference, and after admitting that he didn’t know all the facts of the Gates story, our president concluded that the police acted stupidly. He then used that to segue into a stilted diatribe about racial profiling, forgetting all about his post racial promise. Which, given his past association with men like Rev. Wright, shouldn’t be too much of a surprise at all.

deval patrickAnd even the Massachusetts governor, “Coupe” Deval Patrick is getting into the race-baiting act. In a statement on Thursday, Patrick came down solidly on the side of “I don’t know the facts, but I’m going to side with my pal, Skippy.” Actually, he went even further than that, describing Gates’ experience as “every black man’s nightmare and a reality for many black men…” Honestly, the only way he could have been more inflammatory would have been to call in Al Sharpton.

boxerBut blacks don’t have a monopoly on racist behavior. Senator Barbara “Ma’am” Boxer (D-Idiot) showed her true colors last week when she told businessman Harry Alford that the NAACP would be proud of him. She might just as well have said Mr. Alford was a credit to his race, and that some of her best friends are black. Of course, condescension and racism are nothing new for Sen. Boxer. At various points in her career, she has attacked notables such as Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Judge Janice Rogers Brown, and of course, the man who gave Boxer her entrée to the Senate, Justice Clarence Thomas.

The Gates story isn’t over yet, not by a long shot. At some point, those racist comments will redound upon their speakers to their disadvantage. Of course vestiges of racism still survive in America. But some people still are living in — and manifesting — a past that no longer exists. A past in which a black man could never become a respected Harvard professor, or a governor, or even president.



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