Planned Parenthood Covers Up Statutory Rape… Again


In her latest expose, Lila Rose of LiveAction goes undercover in Birmingham, AL. Visiting a Planned Parenthood center, she poses as a 14-year-old seeking an abortion after having sex with her fictitious 31-year-old boyfriend.

Sadly, the results are just about what we’ve come to expect from Planned Parenthood: (note: YouTube has removed this video due to “terms of use” violation. See end of post for updated info)

LiveAction gave the unedited tape to Alabama’s Attorney General’s office, and according to Firm Foundation, the Jefferson County Sherrif’s office gave the following statement after having seen the video:

“Anyone who sees that should be disturbed by it, and I hope they’re disturbed by it. For a 31 year old to have sex with a 14 year old, that is rape in the second degree. I think they are not only morally obligated to report it – the law requires them to report it, and there could be some serious consequences otherwise”

Alabama state law defines two levels of statutory rape:

  • § 13A-6-61: First-degree rape for someone age 16 or older to have sexual intercourse with someone under age 12. Penalty: Life in prison or between 10 and 99 years
  • § 13A-6-62: Second-degree rape for someone age 16 or older to have sexual intercourse with someone between age 12 and 16, when the actor is at least two years older.  Penalty: Two to 20 years in prison

Once again I wonder why we give our tax dollars to an organization which so brazenly flouts laws that exist to keep our children safe. (Note: Planned Parenthood receives nearly $300 million from federal and state governments annually.)

Previous posts about Lila Rose and the Mona Lisa Project can be seen here, here, and here.

UPDATE: Commenter Xfomred points out that YouTube has yanked the video due to “terms of use” violation. (See LiveAction’s response here.) So here’s a FoxNews video of Laura Ingraham covering the story:



3 Responses to Planned Parenthood Covers Up Statutory Rape… Again

  1. xfomred says:

    At 12:13 EDT, the video is listed as down due to terms of service violations. I’m sure PP complained about their criminal behavior being shown, and some nice person at Google then deleted the video…because…you know, it’s all about making sure criminal behavior is reported, right?

    Useful idiots, and those who support them…and then the organization built on eugenics gets a pass and taxpayer money to not report actual crimes.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    I never DID understand why they call it “Planned Parenthood” anyway. I mean, if ever there was a misnomer…

    What if Truth in advertising applied to abortion clinics? How would that change their names? How about:

    “Unplanned Parenthood”
    “Planned Abortions”
    “Abortions On Demand”
    “Abortions ‘R Us”
    “Termination Station”
    Or (gritting my teeth)…
    “Pest Elimination Services”

    Call it what it is. We have such a talent in this country for glomming over our questionable actions by using smooth, antiseptic terms. Maybe if we were forced to use terms that more accurately describe our behavior and the outcome of our choices, it might make us think more about our actions. And thinking more about our actions is the point at which acceptance of responsibility begins its journey.


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