Losing REAL Heroes… And Our Perspective

Some of you may have received word recently about the  passing of a real American hero.  No,  I’m not referring to a certain Pop Singer with a troubled childhood manifested in odd and seriously questionable behavior as an adult.

And no, there was no 24/7 coverage on either the internet or the cable news channels.

There were no fans crying outside his home to mourn his passing.  No special editions of Night Line or 20/20.  In fact, he barely got any mention in the press at all. And, actually, that’s probably just fine with him.

Geraldo Rivera didn’t camp outside his house hoping for big ratings. After all, isn’t that all network news is all about these days?

Hell, even Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews couldn’t be bothered to take time out from their Obama Worship Group to provide coverage.  I’d bet the farm that neither one of these “journalists” (Bawhahahahahahaaa!) had even heard of him.

"Shifty" Powers

"Shifty" Powers

But on June 17th, (about a week before the passing of Michael Jackson), death claimed World War II hero Darrell “Shifty” Powers.

In somewhat of an irony, many of today’s  young men cheered on the exploits of Shifty and his fellow soldiers of the famed EZ Co  of the 101st Airborne Division. They came to be more widely known as the Band of Brothers. I’m sure Shifty and his comrades were an inspiration to many young men and women in the military today, based on the excellent HBO/Steven Spielberg mini-series of that name.

Well, here… let Shifty tell you a little bit about himself in his own words:

One of the reasons we find this country in the state it’s in today is because we’ve allowed “Pop Culture” (an oxymoron if there ever was one) to replace true culture.  (See Alan’s excellent post for more about this.) When it becomes more important for young people to know why Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo broke up than why our troops are still in Afghanistan, we’ve lost perspective.

When it’s more important to people who gets booted from American Idol than for them to take a moment to study the character of someone who is hoping to be confirmed to a life-time position on the United States Supreme Court, we’ve lost perspective.

And when we lose a true hero like Shifty Powers and the media virtually ignores it, but spends weeks mourning publicly over every aspect of the death of  a troubled pop star who, at the very least, acted horrendously inappropriately around young boys, we have lost all perspective of what is important.

We are truly becoming a nation of bread and circuses. And that goes a long, long way towards explaining how we have wound up with a President whose entire agenda seems to be based on that concept.

To Shifty: Thank you for your bravery, your decency, your dedication to your country and for “getting it.” I’m glad you got to live your life in the America that was free and got to enjoy the fruits of your toil, sacrifice, and labor.  And don’t take this the wrong way, sir, but I’m kind of glad you won’t be here to see the final squandering of the embarrassment of riches that you, your band of brothers, and all the WWII veterans placed upon our table.

When a soldier passes, it is often said by his/her comerades, “Thanks for your services… we’ll take it from here.”  And while I have no doubt today’s military is more than qualified to do just that, I have to question the public who mourns more the celebrity, and the government who panders to that public.

Welcome to the final days of the Roman Empire.

Gerry Ashley


2 Responses to Losing REAL Heroes… And Our Perspective

  1. Trialdog says:

    Thank you for writing about Mr. Powers. These were amazing men indeed. I’m thankful my father is still here. Fifth Air Force – Pacific.
    You are correct about the country’s decline. My children, and their children, will be the first generation of Americans to have a lower standard of living than their parents. They’ll have fewer opportunities, less mobility, and diminished liberties. This is by design. The sixties and seventies generations are in control and destroying whatever they can of capitalism and individualism for collectivism and statism.
    Enemies of our country could not undermine our freedoms as efficiently as Obama and the Democrats are.
    Today, if the decision to enact our Constitution came up for a vote in Congress, the President would threaten a veto and the bill would be voted down by a wide margin.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    Thank you for your reply, Trialdog. Very eloquent, indeed. I’m hoping that what we’re living through is a swing in the pendulum that will be reversed before Obama has the chance to finish off democracy and the free enterprise system. But it’s getting late in the game and he’s only been in office for 6 months. It’s incredible how much he’s shoved down the throats of Congress and the American public.

    I’m hoping that a large number of the “intelligentsia” who voted for him will see the error of their ways and turn against socialism. I’ve spent time in the former Soviet Union and have seen what socialism brings to the table: NOTHING. IT EMPTIES THE TABLE. It kills the concept of the free market system. In the end, NOBODY has any incentive to do their job with excellence, because they know it won’t make a difference. What the hell do people think a Salary Czar is all about? Even Barney Frank says straight out that he would like to see the Salary Czar’s reach extended to establishing salaries at the working level. What more will it take before people see the road we are heading down has no pavement?

    We have ONE SHOT at taking back control of this country and that’s the mid-term elections. And Obama KNOWS that. THAT’S why he wants ACORN – who ADMITS to voter registration FRAUD – to handle the census and voter registration for the mid-term elections.

    By the time most people who got sucked into the Obama smile and charm realize the emperor has no clothes, it may be too late. But we ALL must do what we can or kiss Democracy in the United States goodbye. I can’t even believe I’d live to see the day when I’d be typing those words in all seriousness.


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