Levi Johnston’s “McClellan Moment”

Levi Johnston and son. Photo credit GQ magazine

Levi Johnston and son.

Well, it had to happen. As painful as it is, it had to happen. Levi (MIA father of Sarah Palin’s grandchild) had to have his 15 minutes of fame… Ouch. And, now he’s talking about why Sarah Palin stepped down. (According to Levi, the soon-to-be ex-Governor of Alaska was looking for money, and her personality seemed to change.)

So where does it all end? There’s Kato Kaelin, Anna Nichole Smith, and Paris Hilton… People who never really brought anything to the table, and simply glommed on to someone famous or to the very glitz of fame itself. When do we as a society stop leering at news’ “Special Reports” of live high-speed car chases, fawning over whacko baby danglers, and cheating sports stars? In other words, when do we bottom out? Will it finally be when we have a TV show based on “Dirty Jobs” which feature such enlightening episodes as “Roadkill Cleaners & Chinatown Garbage Collector” on the Discovery Channel? Apparently not. Maybe it will be a “reality show” centered around a VD clinic?

This is just flat-out crazy, and Levi Johnston is simply one more example of the media’s willingness to pimp to our hedonistic society virtually any titillation that would stiffen their ratings and stroke our Id. Witness the picture above.

Back in 2008, Scott McClellan wrote the “tell all” book “What Happened“, a petty tome that bashed the Bush White House. In it and the resulting media storm he betrayed both trust and the truth for speculation and sales. In my opinion, he was and is a tawdry little man who was over his head. Levi Johnston should take note of McClellan’s solipsism before he too is thrown on the seamy scrap heap of cultural and political wannabees.

Alan Speakman


2 Responses to Levi Johnston’s “McClellan Moment”

  1. cameron says:

    Good for Levi Johnston!

    Sarah Palin thinks she can treat people anyway she feels.
    She says she gets hurt by people yet she is like a vicious beast, nothing holds her back, Palin thinks Levi is beneath her so she can say anything.
    Levi didn’t have anyone standing up for him or with him.
    So this is his way that he’s going. He sounds more intelligent
    and knows how to put a sentence together, unlike Palin.
    She asked for all of this. SILLY SILLY Sarah

  2. Paxia Edgewater says:

    Levi Johnson is such a loser. He used the Palin connection to make a buck because he can’t make a penny on his own. There has to be a law mandating that MIA fathers who turn out to be leeches be
    castrated. And Levi Johnson must be first in line.

    And to you, Cameron, let me just say this:
    You couldn’t do in a lifetime what Sarah Palin has already done in three months. So shut the hell up!

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