DemCare: Confusion, Mis-direction, and Red Tape

UPDATE: Hah! Irishspy calls it the health plan from Planet Ten. We’re laughing while we can, monkeyboys!

By now, you have probably seen this chart, produced by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX), on the mish-mash of new bureaus, programs, agencies, and commissions that would be the necessary outcome of the passage of the health care plan presented by House Democrats.


Click to embiggen

As you can see, it starts at the top with the President and Congress. Consumers are on the left, and health care providers are on the right. Everything else is a huge jumble of all that new red tape that would be required if this bill passes. but if you look closely, you can see that there are some pretty questionable items that look to come between you and your health care provider:

  • What have the Office of Civil Rights and the Office of Minority Rights to do with anything? Are minorities subject to different standards of care?
  • Why is there an Inspector General and a Special HIE Inspector General (whatever that is), and if they are both really necessary, why are they not adjuncts to one another?
  • If everybody gets health care, why do we need to continue to spend tens of billions of dollars on the recently-expanded S-CHIP program?
  • Just what does the Health Benefits Advisory Committee do? Are they the ones who decide that my mother is too old, at age 77, for an operation? And who is on this committee? Who chooses them?

The questions just beg to be asked. Of course, not everyone will run into all the red tape outlined above every time they need care. But it sure looks like there’s plenty for everyone, just in case.

If Congress could be persuaded to write and pass a health care bill that they would submit their own families to, it might be a bill worthy of consideration. I don’t think this is it.



One Response to DemCare: Confusion, Mis-direction, and Red Tape

  1. The health plan from Planet Ten…

    Much as I hate to admit it, I’m becoming ever more convinced that the Obama administration is a Red Lectroid deep-cover operation, for fresh off their plan to control save the Earth by crippling the US economy, House Lectroids progressive……

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