Czars and Sanity

Right now there are some 30 “czars” loose in the federal government. They answer to no one except President Obama. In an interview with Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Greta Van Susteren of Fox News pointed out the Czar Count:

“He had two czars, regulatory and Pentagon procurement czar, was Ronald Reagan’s. He had two. Bush 41 had one. Clinton had 9. Bush 43 had 12. And to date, President Obama has more than 30.”

So how bad is this really? Consider this… These czars are answerable to no-one but the President, and each will have salaries, staff, offices, cars, travel, and all the other perks of being DC insiders. I think the situation is reaching the point where many of us, both liberal and conservative want to rein in this “czar binge”. Let’s at least get Congress involved in the selection and oversight of these wizards the czars…

Wait. What? Step back and put that in perspective. We’ll find some modicum of comfort having the Congress influence the “Czar Bazaar”??? All too many of us will find it uplifting if those enlightened Congress folks (that the American people only give an 18% “good or excellent” rating) will step in and bring some degree of sobriety and sanity to the situation???

This is simple and just flat out “Texas-August-Outhouse-Rat” crazy…

Oh, well… Never mind. The damage is done.

Alan Speakman


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