Blaming Rush and Hannity For Obama’s Presidency?

If you’re like me, you wince daily at the latest Obamination from our Telepromter-In-Chief.  It amazes me that so much of the American public still hasn’t caught on to his overt agenda, given the way he sucks up to tyrants like Chavez, Putin, and others, while shying away from our traditional allies. But more on that in another rant.

It dawned on me recently that the Obama Presidency may be, believe it or not, the end-result of a couple of practical jokes gone wrong. And we can thank Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity for playing an instrumental role in winding up with an Alinsky-ite tyrant rather than a President.

How is that possible? It’s very simple: Think back about 18 months, when the longest campaign in Presidential election history was already in full stride. It was pretty much assumed the Democratic nominee would be the fulfillment of destiny meeting the ultimate entitlement, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.  It was a foregone conclusion, actually.

In their zeal to thwart all things Clinton, both Rush and Hannity came up with their own attempts to discredit Clinton.

El Rushbo

El Rushbo

Limbaugh had his “Operation Chaos” which taunted, cajoled, ridiculed, disagreed with, and in general trashed Senator Clinton every chance he got (which usually meant three hours a day). To his credit, there is no one finer than Limbaugh when it comes to having the subtlety of an angry moose in rutting season.

Meanwhile, Sean  Hannity chimed in with his own rendition called “The Stop Hillary Express.” He would essentially mirror the same issues as

Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity

Rush, but in a higher, more annoying voice, over and over and over… until, like a soap opera, I discovered I could turn off Hannity’s show for days at a time and really not miss a thing. The next time I’d turn on his show, he’d be hammering the same points, constantly reassuring us with his favorite expression in the world: “Let not your heart be troubled.”  He, too, was very convincing in his anti-Hillary campaign.

Both hosts are now very painfully aware of the expression, “Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it.”

To what extent are they responsible for the Clinton Campaign Collapse? That’s anyone’s guess.  But certainly, Clinton’s star sank faster than Michael Vick’s dogfood endorsement deal. And while they both searched for ten-foot poles to distance themselves from John McCain, one Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign hit the turbo button.  And we all know the outcome from that point on.

Now you won’t hear either of them mention this on their shows. They’ll both point out that they were just as agressive in their efforts to trivialize the candidacy of “the man who would be King.”  And they were. But their contribution to the victory of Obama is not insignificant. Their efforts (and results) alone should be reasons the Obama administration should not feel the need to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine.

Am I being sarcastic or serious? In truth, it’s a little bit of both, just as were Limbaugh’s and Hannity’s campaigns. And I have the highest regard for both as broadcasters even though I am critical on this issue.

But every time Emperor Obama makes another apology for our success in America; every time he lies through his teeth about not raising taxes on us “little people”; every time he sides with a socialist, dictator, or mullah against the common people everywhere; and every time he drags this country closer to the point of no return regarding our national debt, I just can’t help but wonder what John McCain or another Clinton in the White House might have done. It may not have been pretty, but I’m pretty damn sure our position and credibility in the world wouldn’t be as bleak as it is, nor would our chances of being hit by an internal terrorist attack be as high.

And that’s not sarcasm. That’s a bloody serious fear.

Gerry Ashley


2 Responses to Blaming Rush and Hannity For Obama’s Presidency?

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  2. Tip Top says:

    Your use of Rush’s mug shot is very appropriate.

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