Palin’s Hope – I’m a Recovering Politician

sarah-palin1No doubt that Sarah Palin’s resignation was a shock to most, and all the pundits want to spin it every which way. Some say that it was the financial burden to her family and state  that did her in. Maybe it was a more “family issue.” And maybe she was simply tired of the same old politics. Many (if not most) shout that for whatever reason she bailed, the fact that she did bail will haunt her. And that’s probably true. But maybe, just maybe, there is the stuff of wild success here. Consider:

Palin spoke of her disgust with the same old politics (the complete transcript is here). Well, how about this: Imagine if Gov. Palin went before the cameras and simply said, “I’m Sarah Palin and I am a recovering politician“? I mean, what if she dumps the whole system and walks away from the GOP? Not just the GOP, but the whole shebang. After all, the independent vote is now roughly on equal footing with the Donkeys and the Elephants.

Suppose… just suppose she basically says, “Up Yours!” to the entire political machine that is DC today? And that would be an “Up Yours!” to friend and foe in Congress… A hearty “Up Yours!” to lawyers, lobbyists, unions, media, industry… “Up Yours!” to all of it – cold turkey! Imagine for a moment if Sarah Louise Palin stood in front of the cameras, the country, and the world and announced that her higher calling was to be VEEP in 2012, or POTUS in 2016, and she’d run the entire campaign herself via a blog, a forum, and social networking. What would the world do if Ms. Palin went home, studied the snot out of history, global politics, economics, and declared herself a recovering politician?

I don’t know, and I’m pretty sure it won’t happen with Palin. But it will down the road. Somewhere out there is an honest-to-God unselfish soul who will, without influence peddling, agenda, or political correctness, make the brutally hard calls when it comes to labor, housing, the economy, defense, education, energy, health care… An “untouchable” or perhaps even a recovering politician. This has to happen sooner or later if this Republic hopes not to perish from this earth.

Alan Speakman


2 Responses to Palin’s Hope – I’m a Recovering Politician

  1. Gail S says:

    There may be such a person, but individuals are not the problem right now. The problem is that our government has devolved into an oligarchy. Logistics screen average Americans out of the political process.

    Consider, the Constitution states that the number of Representatives shall not exceed 1 for every 30,000 citizens. In 1911, the House membership was capped at 435. We have had dwindling representation since then, with the ratio of representation at less than 1 : 600,000.

    Please see my Conservative Action Plan at:

    We need your comments, suggestions and input.

    Best regards,
    Gail S

  2. Larry says:

    John Galt anyone?

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