What’s RIGHT With America: The Williams Sisters

Look at any of the largely “politically oriented” blogs (including Grant Rants) and you will frequently find us pointing out the shortcomings of government, often focusing on particular politicians… and deservedly so.  And, as the mainstream media learned from such bastions of journalism as the National Enquirer, nothing sells like a sensational, negative headline.

But, we’re not the National Enquirer, nor do we ever aspire to be. And Sweet Baby James (Taylor) hasn’t stayed a fixture in our lives for some 40 years by singing the blues all the time.  Therefore, you will note, from time to time, we choose to focus on something positive or humorous to break up the monotony.

It dawned on me over this 4th of July week-end, that there’s a lot of things we should be discussing here that shows our world in a very positive light. Such a light shone for us all on Saturday in Wimbledon, England, when two shining examples of American excellence took to the courts to face off against each other for the woman’s Wimbledon title. The fact that the top two players in the finals are sisters makes it that much more impressive. I am referring, of course, to the lovely Venus and Serena Williams.

But as our late pal Billy Mays (rest in peace, old friend) would have said, “But wait! There’s more!”  This was the fourth time these two sisters have faced off against each other at Wimbledon, a feat unmatched in the history of this hallowed competition.  Venus and Serena Williams are sterling examples of the kind of work ethic that leads to character-building, respect amongst your peers, and success earned in the traditional manner. To paraphrase an old Smith-Barney ad that featured actor John Houseman:

“Venus and Serena have earned their numerous championships the old-fashioned way… they’ve earned it!”

A victorious Serena Williams (L) stands alongside her sister Venus after the two battled for the Woman's Championship Crown at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships on July 4th, 2009.

A victorious Serena Williams (L) stands alongside her sister Venus after the two battled for the Woman's Championship Crown at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships on July 4th, 2009.

Serena and Venus Williams by the numbers:

28 year-old Serena has won 28 Singles titles and 10 Doubles titles.
29 year-old Venus  has won 36 Singles titles and    9 Doubles titles.

In spite of their professional rivalry, they are close friends. Both home schooled by their mother, they received their high-school diplomas in 1999. Both studied Fashion Design at the Art Institute of Florida.

Venus Williams, in addition to setting the Tennis World on fire, also the CEO of  her own interior design firm, V-Starr Interiors. And  Serena has launched her own designs for Puma and Nike, in addition to her own line of designer clothing called Aneres

Indeed, as I watched these two symbols of excellence battling it out on the tennis court, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of elation for them and their parents. For this is truly an example of America’s best, not once, but twice within the same family. And it is the realization of the American dream.

The Williams sisters… a shining example of what’s RIGHT with America.

Gerry Ashley

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