It’s Time To Choose: Liberty or Tyranny?

ConstitutionAs we enter the 4th of July weekend, I can’t help but wonder if this will be the last 4th of July as we know it… a time where we celebrate our independence.  To be sure we will, once again, pound down hot dogs, potato salad, burgers, chicken and that gawdawful stuff that Aunt Peggy brings each year (she claims its Jello-based, but I maintain that NOTHING “Jello-based” should be eaten. Make Jello, or don’t, but don’t use it as a starting point for slipping some other unknown substance into our digestive track…).

The beauty of the above is that we can choose to eat what we want from the embarrassment of riches we all bring to the table. And that is the point of this rant: Much like the beauty of being able to choose what we want from our shared bounty, so too is our way of life in America. We have the LIBERTY to choose what we want to pursue whether it’s for a career, transportation, home. You name it, we enjoy the freedom of choice.

Bumper 1But while we are gnawing at our corn-on-the-cob this weekend in expectation of yet another gala fireworks display, know the following: During the three-day weekend where we celebrate our liberty, the interest on our nation’s debt will grow by an amount that is far greater than any of us will ever earn in a lifetime.

And Congress may be about to make things even worse for the lowly taxpayer if the Senate passes Cap and Trade (already passed by the House of Representatives). This is nothing more than a redistributive tax on all Americans, including that 95% of taxpayers for whom President Obama promised not to raise taxes. Technically, he’s not breaking a promise. He’s not raising a tax, he’s creating an entirely new one. I’m sure your budgets will appreciate the difference.

Hey, I’m not looking to ruin your holiday weekend. But if that’s what it takes to drive home the point that the President and Congress are changing every aspect of American life, then I think I’m walking on solid ground. And make no mistake: Cap and Trade will affect us all. Here’s how.

My point is this: Our country is no longer operating under the status quo. It is more imperative than ever that Americans take the time to learn the issues that affect our lives… and to understand fully the impact of some of the “Change” that the current administration has in store for us if we do nothing.

Bumper 3We have allowed ourselves to become far too lazy when it comes to maintaining awareness of the body politic of this country. We need to understand that electing people to represent us in Congress and the White House does not release us from the responsibility of maintaining an acute awareness of the issues we face. We did not outsource that responsibility, yet we act as if we did.

When we, the people, turn our backs on those responsibilities, yielding the powers of decision-making solely to our elected officials, we create the perfect storm of outside influence (lobbyists) and political opportunists including one who sees this as the right time to radically alter our form of governing to a virtual Socialist state.  And here’s the scariest part: He WILL succeed if we do not intercede on behalf of ourselves, our children, and their children. It’s as simple as that.

Bumper 4It probably all seems overwhelming, but the fact is, we can prevent this from happening. But only if we respond strongly, quickly, united and with conviction.

But how do you respond if you don’t understand all the issues?

There are several things you can do to get up to speed quickly and this is the perfect weekend to start:

  • There are tea-parties scheduled for Independence Day all over the nation. Attend one if you can.  Talk to people there and find a local group you can join in with to study the issues. They’ll be only too happy help you get proficient, because there is power in numbers and you help them by being there and, potentially, bringing in others.
  • Read the conservative and centrist political blogs (refer to our blog roll to the right).

LATPerhaps the best single thing you can do for yourself to begin with is to get an overall understanding of exactly how we got to this point (and what it will take to weather the coming storm) is to read Mark Levin’s new best-seller, “Liberty and Tyranny.”   I thought I understood the issues and options fully. Boy did I have a lot to learn, and I did, by reading the book.

It’s been on the New York Times Best Seller’s List since the day it came out. And there is a reason why: Americans are getting fed up with what’s going on, but they definitely need to know what they’re talking about, in order to help effect the change WE want and to prevent the change that would eat away at our liberty.

Enjoy your Fourth of July, but above all, realize just how slippery the slope upon which we walk has become.  Get to know how to contact your legislators and if they are unresponsive, remember the words of Ronald Reagan who put it into a perspective we must return to in this country when he said:

“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.”

Allow me to put it this way:

“Now is the time for all good citizens to come to the aid of their country.”

Gerry Ashley


2 Responses to It’s Time To Choose: Liberty or Tyranny?

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  2. gspurlock says:

    Very well said, and very true. Please take the time to visit my blog and read and comment on the Conservative Action Plan / Request for Comment at:

    I believe we must act rapidly, efficiently and aggressively to save our nation and restore our republic.

    Happy 4th of July to all.
    Gail S

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