A Simple Solution for North Korea

Ah yes… Good ol’ North Korea – the country we’ve basically been at war with for the last 50+ years. That crazy, zany place where indoctrination and starvation of its citizens are almost at super-saturation, and its leader might best be described as a Charlie Manson on ‘Ludes. And as we approach this national holiday, N. Korea fires off its perfunctory missiles as a bluster and “warning”.

So here’s the problem(s) that we have with N. Korea…

  • Its leadership is both loonier and dumber than an outhouse rat in August.
  • In theory, it has the technology to fire missiles that could hit Hawaii, not to mention Japan.
  • Seemingly, there ain’t much we can do about North Korea since our opening a can of whoop tush on them would flood China with refugees, and China would be none too happy with that. And given that China is holding a ton of our debt, it looks like we’re just going to have to shut up and eat our July Fourth hot dogs and hope that the Iranian ambassadors don’t try to crash the party. Except…

Except that we owe China ridiculous mountains of money. They don’t want to see us start printing dollars like fiends (welcome to the world of hyper-inflation), and at the same time they don’t want to see us go completely down the tubes. (As the bookies say, “Better a living deadbeat than a dead debtor.”) So we have some leverage there, in its own pathetic guise.

So how about we pivot on two simple facts. First, the Chinese and the Japanese really aren’t very fond of each other.  Their historical mistrust and animosity toward each other are, well, deep. Secondly, we have boomer (nuke) subs.

Suppose we were to perform a sort of coordinated “lend-lease” of a couple of those subs with the Japanese, with the understanding that while we technically own the subs, their operation and firepower would be a joint issue handled by both America and Japan. And should missiles find their way toward us or our allies… Ummm… That would make the Chinese sit up and take notice, and they’re the only ones who can really rearrange North Korea.

Everyone has talked about this situation, and I dare say that most believe that China and Japan are the power players… But we still have leverage. Let’s hope we have the guts to finally end this disaster and start a regime change. All it will take is a boomer or two putatively in the hands of the Japanese in the East China Sea.

Alan Speakman


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