Taxes: Enough Already!


Here’s a question: How many of us actually understand that an enormous amount of the prices we pay for normal everyday items (gasoline, soda, cable television) actually goes back to the government in one form of tax or another?

Despite the fact that Colin Powell actually thinks that Americans want to pay taxes, most of us think we’re already paying more than enough.

Gas prices too high? Don’t blame the oil companies, blame the government — over half (51%) of what we pay for gasoline goes not to the oil company, not to the gas station owner, but to Uncle Sam.

Paying too much for your phone service? Well, your landline phone bill nets out at 51% going to taxes, while your cell phone bill is a bit better with the tax bite being just 46% of the total.

The chart below, provided by Americans for Tax Reform lists a baker’s dozen of common items that most of us use on a daily basis and tells how much of the price we pay goes toward taxes. You might be surprised — you might just be horrified —to discover how much that actually is.

Good/Service Estimated Avg Cost  Estimated Tax Bite % Estimated Tax Bite/Unit
Cigarettes*   $4.97/pack   86.71%   $4.31
Distilled Spirits   $13.10/ 750mL bottle    79.60%   $10.43
  (80 proof)
Car Rentals   $52.71/rental   60.60%   $31.94
Beer   $4.05/six-pack   56.20%   $2.28
Domestic Airfare   $231/trip   55.00%   $127.05
Phone – Landline   $49.33/month   51.80%   $25.55
Gasoline   $2.77/gallon   51.20% $1.42
Hotel Stays   $97.06   50.00%   $48.53
Phone – Wireless   $49.98/month   46.40%   $23.19
Cable (Video)   $52.36/month   46.30%   $24.24
Firearms   $500   45.60%   $228.00
Meals   $32.32/meal   44.80%   $14.48
Soda   $.75/can   37.60%   $0.28

That’s what we pay now. No wonder so many people are having a hard time making ends meet. But just think of what kind of increases we’ll see if some of the legislation President Obama is pushing actually gets through Congress.

I’m calling my Congressmen. Today.



3 Responses to Taxes: Enough Already!

  1. Gail S says:

    Our nation has long since stopped being a representative republic and has deteriorated into an oligarchy.

    Right now, the Congress, all 535 of them have unilateral and totally discretionary control of over 40% of GDP. This is tyranny any way you slice it. They no longer represent us. They represent the people who make the mega campaign donations and special interests.

    It started in 1911 when the House membership was capped at 435 members. The Constitution states there should be one member in the House for every 30,000 citizens. It is not less than 1 member for every half million.

    In addition to making it impossible for Representatives to actually be in communication with their constituents, it is also impossible to run for office unless you are independently wealthy. If you only needed a majority of votes from between 30,000 and 60,000 people in your community, you could do that as a responsible working adult.

    This means that Congress, and the House in particular is no longer composed of average Americans, nor does it represent us.

    It is time to restore the republic. Please check out my blog: and look for the posting “Conservative Action Plan”.

    We can take our country back, but we have do to it soon and with vigor and determination.

    Best regards,
    Gail S

  2. Josie says:

    Stoutcat and Gail:
    My calculator shows that at a population of 306,000,000 with one congressperson per 60,000 people we would have a congress of 5100. I have trouble imagining how such a body would ever accomplish anything at all. And that’s only ONE congressperson per citizen! (And I don’t suppose that 60,000 includes our Illegals, either.)
    There must be a better way. I cannot believe that’s the answer we are seeking.

  3. Gail S says:

    I am not sure there is a better way, please think about it. Look at my plan, it calls for cutting congressional districts in half every 2 to 4 years, when we reach a level of representation that works, we can stop. What we have now is an oligarchy and is a gross violation of our Constitution and individual liberties.

    Best always,

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