God Bless Helen Thomas


There isn’t too much to say beyond what Helen Thomas says…

After this dust up Thomas went on…

Nixon didn’t try to do that.  They couldn’t control [the media]. They didn’t try that.  What the hell do they think we are, puppets?  They’re supposed to stay out of our business. They are our public servants.  We pay them.  …  I’m not saying there has never been managed news before, but this is carried to fare-thee-well–for the town halls, for the press conferences.  It’s blatant. They don’t give a damn if you know it or not. They ought to be hanging their heads in shame.

You know, I never thought I’d say this, but God bless Helen Thomas… She nailed this issue to the cross, and she still has a bit of game left.

Alan Speakman


One Response to God Bless Helen Thomas

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    Wow… That’s amazing: Helen Thomas is still alive?
    Didn’t she first start as a White House reporter during Lincoln’s administration?

    2009. Helen Thomas is still kicking butt (bravo for her, by the way) and Michael Jackson isn’t. Who’d a thunk it?

    (Sound of music builds… it’s Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” but wait! He’s singing new lyrics:

    ‘Cause she’s a Thriller.. Diller now,
    And no one can supress this ancient demon of the press
    She looks like Phillis… Diller’s mom (Whooo!)
    You’d better get it right or she will fill your heart with FRIGHT…

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