Area 51 Liberals: Welcome to America, America


Hey! Ever wonder how the percentages of conservatives vs. liberals breaks down on other less- than-purely-political subjects?

Let’s see… According to Gallup as of 2008, 76% of democrats believe that the effects of global warming have already begun. Only 41% of the republicans take that same view. But what about other stuff? The following is from Fox News:

Democrats are more likely than Republicans to say they believe in reincarnation (by 14 percentage points), in astrology (by 14 points), in ghosts (by eight points) and UFOs (by five points).

Hmmm… And then there’s this about the CIA lying to Pelosi…

The Rasmussen Reports survey reports that 62 percent of Democrats believe Pelosi’s account. In contrast, the same number — 62 percent — of Republicans believe the California Democrat is not telling the full truth.

Would anyone like to buy a bridge? That’s like me as a conservative saying, “Yes, I believe ‘No new taxes!'”

And the beat goes on…

The poll found that a majority of young adults give at least some credence to a 9/11 conspiracy compared to less than a fourth of people 65 or older. Members of racial and ethnic minorities, people with only a high school education and Democrats were especially likely to suspect federal involvement in 9/11.

But this is where we’re at, folks. This is who elected Obama. More likely than not, this is your neighbor.

Good luck.

Alan Speakman


2 Responses to Area 51 Liberals: Welcome to America, America

  1. scooter says:

    The numbers tell it, don’t they? Liberals are more open minded and better critical thinkers!

    • Hi Scooter,

      More open minded? Well, “yes” I guess… Better critical thinkers? Wow… Just wow… If you call critical thinking a tendency towards Area 51 and astrology… I guess you’re showing your critical thinking and open mindedness.

      The following quote says a lot (though I’d like to see numbers…)

      Academicians tend to be politically differentiated according to discipline, with those in the social sciences and humanities on the left, those in the natural sciences in the middle, and those in engineering and business on the right.

      On the morning of January 28th, 1986, management at NASA deemed that space shuttle Challenger was a “go.” The entire engineering staff of Morton Thiokol contacted NASA and adamantly opposed the launch. The “open minded” and “critical thinking” managers went forward.

      But Challenger is just a microcosm. I’ve earned three degrees (a two year degree in psychology, a two year degree in microprocessor technology, and a full-blown engineering degree. Also there was a start at a masters of library of science degree.) My experience is that technical people tend to be much more conservative. And, after all, you’re reading this on a computer connected to an Internet which bounces its signals off satellites… All created by so many closed and non-critical minds.

      Tell you what Scooter… You stick with Obama. I’ll stick with Reagan. You stick with Pelosi, Boxer, and Frank… We’ll see what happens.


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