Gangster Government

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) puts her finger right on the problem we’re currently having with Gangster Government:

Don Corleone: “Someday – and that day may never come – I’ll call upon you to do a service for me…”



4 Responses to Gangster Government

  1. Scott says:

    Michele Bachmann is a well known kook on the far right and has embarrassed herself and the party by becoming the “attack dog” for the right fringe. Take a look at some of her interviews from the campaign. She speaks about as intelligently as Gov. Palin! Good luck with that!

    • Stoutcat says:

      Yes, but is she correct in what she is saying?

    • Hi Scott,

      Care to offer any concrete examples of Bachmann being a “kook”? Do you mean the census issue? ( Because if you do, there’s nothing “kookish” about it. There’s a very good reason why one of Obama’s first actions was to usurp the power of the census to the Executive Branch.

      There’s a bigger picture though…

      The House just passed a bill, that if it goes through Congress, would make it mandatory for every home sale to undergo a federal inspection. An inspector would come to your home, walk into your bathroom and inspect the efficiency of your shower. Ditto for your water heater in your basement, your windows in your living room, the insulation in your walls and attic. And if your house doesn’t pass the federal “inspection”? Gee, there’s a penalty. Surprise! What that boils down to is that when you decide to sell your house to Bill Gates, and you and Bill Gates are happy with the sale, and the standard house inspector says all is safe, the federal government will step in and make its own judgment/penalty. And there is NOTHING you can do about it.

      A hard rain is about to fall…

      * The government has raised taxes on cigarettes such that a pack of smokes costs $8 – $10.
      * MA just passed a 25% increase in sales tax.
      * Tax on beer and wine? Wait and watch… Watch the cost as the taxes pile up. In NYC, a carton of cigarettes costs $100. Watch the “sin taxes” pile up.
      * Do you own a gun? Congress will take care of that via taxes. They’re already talking about it. Wait and watch. What happens when a box of ammo costs as much as a carton of cigs costs now? What happens when the cost of a single .22 round mimics that of a single cigarette today — $1.00. So much for plinking.

      Mark these words. Mark the words of Bachmann, Beck, Krauthammer, and even us idiots here at Grand Rants.

      I don’t think Bachmann was saying that the census would lead to internment… But rather she was warning of the wild power grab afoot.

      Like I said… Care to offer any concrete examples of Bachmann being a “kook”? I’ll happily agree when you objectively support concrete evidence.


  2. Scott says:

    Alan, how about Bachmanns continued insistance during the campaign that Mr. Obama is an illegal alien? That’s pretty kook-like! SgM

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