Plea for Help from Iran


Oh God, this is heart-wrenching! Where is Obama? Why isn’t he saying anything?

Security forces throwing people off bridges, beating old men, shooting people, killing students with axes.

“This is genocide, this is a massacre, this is Hitler…”

Please make sure everyone sees and hears this.



5 Responses to Plea for Help from Iran

  1. […] Re: While Iran Burns… The protest may come to an end soon unless the people are really committed. They are being attacked and killed in bigger numbers now. Here's a young woman calling the US about it. here […]

  2. Jay Jay says:

    let’s invite these nice Iranian officials to a white house BBQ.

  3. Gerry Ashley says:

    Usually I am more organized in my thoughts and comments, but I am so overwhelmed by the fear in that young woman’s voice as she BEGS for International assistance that I can only pull random thoughts together at this time.

    Maybe now the Obamanites will realize this man they idolize is NOTHING. He has only words, NOTHING to back them. He doesn’t WANT to do anything about the problem Iran’s citizens are having because this is interfering with his chance to be the big hero in getting Iran, the US and Israel to have a summit.


    If Obama was a MAN of HONOR he would put his personal interests aside in the interest of HUMANITY and not only SPEAK OUT but organizea coalition of other world leaders to STAND AS ONE CONDEMING the brutal, vicious swine who run Iran. Yes, they are SWINE. The most VILE creatures in the eyes of hard line Muslims.

    THIS IS YOUR MOMENT OF EXPOSURE, OBAMA. YOU ARE A FRAUD! AN EMPTY FRAUD. SHAME on any idiots who still believe in you and trust you. That only goes to show just how successful liberalism has been in Dumbing Down the population via an inferior educational system. WAKE UP, people. OBAMA is NO LEADER. He is a taker and nothing else.


  4. Scott says:

    If Obama is such a fraud for his lack of taking a stand……which he has very explicitly, how do you explain W’s lack of action in Darfur over the last 8 years? There have been hundreds of thousands more killed there than in Iran. This was acceptable to you all?

    • Stoutcat says:

      Nope, it was unacceptable as well. As was President Clinton’s lack of action in Darfur and the Rwandan genocide. That said, Pres. Bush did far more for the entire African continent than any president before him. We shall see how Pres. Obama measures up to his standard there.

      Back to the topic at hand, if America stands for anything, it stands for freedom. Pres. Obama hasn’t yet articulated that very well to the Iranian people. It took him three days to comment publicly on the situation, and another four to go from “troubled” to “concerned” to a relatively mild condemnation of the situation. Compare that with how quickly he responded Sunday to the ouster of the socialist head of Honduras, buddy of Chavez and Castro, when he attempted to change his country’s constitution a la Chavez, in order to allow himself to retain the presidency.

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