ABC: The All ‘Bama Channel


Those of you who may still watching the blank screens of analogue television sets without converter boxes may want to wait an additional 24 hours.  For tonight, a once-venerable television network will turn itself into a disgraceful display of everything it should not be: Political media bias.

For the benefit of anyone who may have missed the newsflash, tonight ABC will broadcast from the White House an exclusive infomercial of President Obama’s tortured explanation of why Obamacare will be good for this country.

But fairness will be the watchword of the evening. ABC decreed that its anchors, Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer, will be fair and balanced in their treatment of the President and his cockamamie healthcare scheme.

Why then, you might ask, has the network  refused actual revenue in the form of paid advertisements airing alternate viewpoints? Are we to assume that their coverage will be so unbiased that no ifs, ands, or rebuttals will be necessary, and they’re willing to forgo the cold hard cash to prove it?  Why shouldn’t the Republican party be allowed equal time to reply? The precendent has long been established for both parties. I’m referring, of course, to the Saturday morning messages from the President, followed by the response from the opposing political party. The main difference here is that the Republicans are willing to actually BUY time to present their opposing views.

One thing is for sure: By refusing to air an opposing view, Obama will have lost whatever leverage he thought he’d have in reintroducing the fairness doctrine to radio and television (or anything remotely similar). 

Along with Gibson and Sawyer, ABC will have President Obama himself, the Ron Popeil of the White House, shilling his plan and trying to convince the 83% of Americans who are satisfied with the healthcare they receive, that they’re not really satisfied; that they need something different; something more expensive; something with less choice; something only the government can provide. In fact, what America needs is the Pocket Fisherman of health coverage, ObamaCare!

Sadly for Obama, we the people really are happy with the care we get and the health coverage we already have, and we’re also convinced that ObamaCare will:

  • Increase our healthcare costs (84%)
  • Reduce the amount and quality of health coverage we already have (81%); 
  • Increase government bureaucracy in the health care system (78%)
  • Limit our choices of doctors or treatments (79%)
  • Sharply increase the federal deficit (84%)

The complete and utter irony of this poll is that it was conducted jointly by the Washington Post and the media whore partner of the White House, ABC News itself.

Perhaps they’re giving President Obama the keys to their kingdom in apology for letting him down with such bad news for him in their poll. Perhaps they’re panicking because their ratings are disastrously low, so they feel that as long as they’re in the tank, they might as well be in the tank for President Popeil Obama.

Regardless of the reasons, the head honchos at ABC should be ashamed of themselves for pimping out their network to a sitting President (a president who should have had far more class than to request this). In the eyes of fair-minded people on the right, on the left, and in the center, the reputations of both ABC and President Obama should suffer for this. But they probably won’t.

Me? Tonight I’m going analogue. With a good book.



3 Responses to ABC: The All ‘Bama Channel

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    I’m not sure, but ABC might possibly be in violation of an FCC regulation. Not that it matters in an Obama administration.

    One thing I AM sure of: The acronyms for the various TV Networks are being redefined:

    NBC = Nothing But Crap
    ABC = Anyone But Conservatives
    CBS = Complete Bull S***
    MS-NBC = Multiple Stories-Nothin’ But Crap

  2. Josie says:

    I just read the Best advice on CanandianFreePress,
    10 PM!!! Allow the Neilson ratings to show ABC how much we love their giving the Socialists free air time and not offering fair, free access by the other side!

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