Pelosi Investigation? No… Sosa? Yes.


Ever wonder what became of that little issue of either the Speaker of the House (two heart-beats away from the presidency) or the CIA being blatant liars? Forget about it. According to Glenn Beck, Congress is dropping that issue. Of far more importance in their minds is Sammy Sosa:

OK. Here is the hot list. These are some commonsense solutions to stories where the mainstream media is just not doing their job. This week, Congress has decided not to investigate Nancy Pelosi’s charge that the CIA misled her on the use of waterboarding on terror suspects.

I mean, why would we need to know who was telling the truth there? A congressional committee is investigating whether or not a baseball player, Sammy Sosa, misled Congress. He testified in 2005 that he never used performance-enhancing drugs. He reportedly tested positive in 2003.

Src: Pddnet

Kind of says it all doesn’t it. Welcome to the uber-powerful world of Pelosi, Boxer, Franks, Dodds, ACORN, unions, etc., etc., etc. Welcome to the most corrupt, petty, selfish, idealistic, agenda-driven, elitist government of our time.

Alan Speakman

Breaking on Cavuto… Congress is now discussing taxing health benefits on workers making $100,000 or more. Whatever happened to $250,000?


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