Obama’s Support: Too Little Too Late


Iranian Protesters discover Obama’s words are empty in time of crisis

“To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history, but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.”

President Barack Obama, during his Inauguration Address, January 20th (this year).

Another test, another failure for the Obama Presidency.

The problem in speaking great words of wisdom as the leader of the free world is that people will actually expect you to back them up from time to time. This is a lesson Barack Obama has yet to learn.

When President Obama spoke the above, his speech was praised by many as “bold” and “purposeful” while establishing a new direction for the United States. There are a bunch of bloodied Iranian anti-government protesters who beg to differ.

With the turn of events following Iran’s Presidential election last week, we have witnessed undeniable proof of the President’s inexperience, resulting in the appearance that there is little actual substance backing his fine words.

Mousavi’s supporters felt they had uncovered a fraudulent election. It became clear early on that the election was meaningless. The Mullahs had pre-ordained Ahmadinejad the victor before the first ballots were cast. Mousavi’s supporters took to the streets, confident they could count on “The anointed one” to give them credence through his  verbal support.

None came. Perhaps it was Date Night or maybe Obama was practicing his punch lines for the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.  Either way, as a crisis began, POTUS was AWOL.

Obama said nothing for several days. When Iranian security thugs began cracking down hard on the protesters, Obama somehow summoned up the courage to say, “I’m concerned.” Nothing more.

As the week progressed, Iran kicked out western journalists and tried to block Internet sites from covering the unrest. They also took to using brutal methods in the dark of night which, according to some who made their way out, included the use of axes against protesters.  Certainly now a statement would be forthcoming from Obama in an attempt to stop the violence against the protesters. And, for what it’s worth, they got it: “I’m deeply concerned.”

This is what happens when a rookie  with NO foreign experience and a limited understanding of his options runs the United States. And this is why the Presidency is no place for On-The-Job Training.

As William Bennett (who served under President Reagan and Bush 41) stated Sunday,

“He missed it. He missed the opportunity. He was feckless.”

Meanwhile other world leaders announced their repudiation of the use of violence, including Nicolas Sarkozy of France. So too did numerous journalists.

So too did the Congress of the United States, including Obama’s own party who didn’t hesitate to use the word “condemnation.”

Only after all of these statements came out, did Obama finally recover from his political laryngitis. But not before exposing to the world, that while he may be a great speaker when he has the luxury of choosing the date, time, and topic in advance, it would appear that in time of crisis, the great orator is not yet a leader, but a mumbling follower.

For in the end, Bennett had it right:

“We are the last best hope of earth. He is the President of the United States. If he will not side with these young people against a religious autocracy that is beating the hell out of people, what is the point of being the moral leader of the free world?”

Gerry Ashley

Update: Obama may have found his voice, but it came too late to save Neda, a young Iranian girl whose name means “voice” in Farsi. Michelle Malkin has covered her tragedy..


4 Responses to Obama’s Support: Too Little Too Late

  1. linda says:

    It was only a matter of time the inexperience of this man would become known first hand, world wide. America made a mistake! Bush lit the fire of freedom in Iraq….the yearnings of oppressed people were inspired! Obama is an empty suit and we all knew it but many were charmed. The fairytale is over!

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    Thank you, Linda. Over the week-end, I received a reply to an e-mail I had sent to a long-time friend. My e-mail was critical of Obama. All she said in her reply was that she prefers not to get any e-mails that criticize his holiness (my term, not hers).

    My point is, while it’s obvious to thinking people that the emperor has no clothes, his lemming-like followers will simply refuse to face facts for as long as possible.

    Perhaps when the Free-Enterprise system that made this country great is destroyed and socialism firmly entrenched, maybe they’ll wake up and wonder, “How did THAT happen.”

    You and I will have to explain to them what happened while they were sheeping. Yes… SHEEPING.

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