Things My Father Taught Me

dad suzie kathy

Things my father taught me:

  • Don’t sing at the table.
  • Always carry a pocket knife.
  • Girls can do anything they set their minds on, just like boys.
  • You don’t have to be on a boat to get seasick. Being on the dock is close enough.
  • Courtesy is vital.
  • Always say “Yes, Ma’am” and “Yes, Sir”.
  • Make the best of a bad situation.
  • If you want to get up into the tree house, you have to do it by yourself.
  • Italy is shaped like a boot.
  • Always say “You’re welcome.”

Random memories:

  • Going to boat shows, a father and daughter annual event.
  • Ryba’s fudge.
  • Waking up at the crack of dawn on a summer Saturday to go pick blueberries at a local farm. It wasn’t so much the early hour as it was the Sousa marches that he blared from the stereo to wake us up.
  • Sitting on his lap after Sunday School and having him read the Sunday funnies to us: Snuffy Smith, Dagwood, Beetle Bailey, Nancy, Pogo.
  • Having a corsage delivered to school on the occasion of my sixth birthday.
  • A whirlwind 6th-grade shopping trip when he found me crying because I had “nothing” to wear to a friend’s birthday party.
  • His big brown mustache.
  • Trying to teach me to tie a bowline. Does the rabbit go around the tree before he goes back into the hole, or after? Never did get that right.

There are so many things a father tries to teach his children. Dad, I think you got it all pretty much right. Thank you.

Jak Slayton Miner



6 Responses to Things My Father Taught Me

  1. Jak's other daughter and Stoutcat's sister says:

    Well done, Sis. Other things I remember:
    +don’t talk back
    +don’t talk with your mouth full and don’t put your elbows on the table
    +call your elders by Mr or Mrs not their first name
    +remember the “cardinal” rule when playing Shang Hai
    +special activities with your family are more fun because you’re all together
    +straight “A”s are always possible
    +treat your parents with respect — even if they just grounded you for a month because you got a “B+”
    +your grandmother is always right
    +your Dad thinks you can do anything

    Miss you, Dad. Thanks, Sis.

  2. Here’s another one: Never put your hand over a piece of pie when someone says ‘Oooh, feel how warm it is!”

  3. Sissy Willis says:

    Mighty bless. My own father, the Goomp, in his ninetieth year this day as we feted him with grilled dogs and burgers and strawberrry pie, is known amongst his three children as the energizer bunny. Outlived Mummy, the love of his life, much to his surprise, but keeps going and going and going.

  4. Doug Miner says:

    Well done cuz! I remember your dad as a stern one, but somehow I felt like we saw things eye to eye. One memory: I was licking a lollypop in your Monroe living room and you dad was the only one there with me. The lollypop slipped from my hand and somehow and I caught it between my knees before it hit the floor! I looked up and saw your dad grinning at me. I was so grateful I had caught it! He had a great grin and a unique twinkle in his eye. Love you Suzzie!

  5. Arlene Miner says:

    Suzie- so sweet. I remember a Thanksgiving we were all together and I thought the turkey would never get done because your Dad kept opening the oven to check on the bird and baste it. Alan – don’t ever be tricked into smelling a piece of whipped cream pie – put your nose down and in you go.

  6. Steve Spontak says:

    Tying a bowline and teaching how to tack and jibe are 2 things I as a father am trying to pass to my son. We already know about Ryba’s, but we prefer Murdick’s. Any fudge tastes great with the sound of horse hoofs “clomping” in the background!

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