Hawaiian Climatologists in Bed with Al Gore?


It’s the only explanation I can think of for this epic feat of Really Bad Science, as reported by the good folks at Watts Up With That? Let us begin by looking at the siting of the ASOS station at the Honolulu Airport.

Honolulu weather station

Is there anything that strikes you odd about the location and peripherals surrounding the temperature sensor? Perhaps the asphalt road, air conditioning vent, and power transformer combine to generate a bit more heat than a given date and time warrants? I wonder. (Of course locations like these are not unusual in positioning highly scientific record-keeping weather equipment.)

Then of course, there’s the malfunctioning temperature sensor itself, which was found to be off by at least three degrees, and possibly four, when compared to a more accurate calibrating thermometer.

So the record heat that the good citizens of Honolulu have been experiencing for the past week or so hasn’t actually broken any records. And yet…

And yet, the National Weather Service has decided to let the new non-records stand, though they know the data is faulty. Why do you suppose that is?

Either the scientists are not aware of the problem, which is manifestly untrue, or they are too lazy to make the changes, which seems very unlikely since  they add information all the time; it can’t possibly be that difficult to edit a week’s worth of incorrect information.

As the WUWT folks said:

“Let me say it first:  THIS IS JUST WRONG.

 If they know the error, how can they possibly justify keeping the new maximum records? You can’t get away with this sort of thing in the world of professional sports records, Olympic records, or even the cheesy Guinness Book of Records.  Heck they even fix mistakes made on the TV quiz show Jeopardy and dock the contestant’s winnings!

Surely NOAA has more scruples than a TV game show?

If the record can’t be verified because the equipment is faulty, how does that make it a valid record? They can’t, it’s FUBAR!”

Therefore, I am left with the conclusion that these scientists have some sort of vested interest in keeping incorrectly high temperatures on record for purposes of continuing the global warming boondoggle.

Just one more reason to view Al Gore and his Global Warming scammers with more than extreme skepticism.


Area of Concern™ Rachel Lucas


3 Responses to Hawaiian Climatologists in Bed with Al Gore?

  1. David Hoyt says:

    Go to http://www.surfacestations.org to find out how poorly these stations across the US are located.

  2. Josie says:

    Good grief! Looking at that map – the perception I get is that a HUGE number of the locations are in the
    2-degree-off category. How scientific can that be?!?

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