The Deeper Significance of Sarah Palin’s Beat-Down Of David Letterman


Like most, I was appalled by the now infamous non-joke made by Late Show host David Letterman regarding the daughter(s) of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin.  And also like most, I just wanted Dave to go away. The last thing I wanted to see was the press covering it endlessly for two reasons:

  • This may have been a calculated “No such thing as bad publicity” attempt to trump NBC’s re-vamped “Tonight Show” with Conan O’brien who, after a solid start, is slipping badly. Why give Letterman free promotion?
  • There are two hot spots in the world (The Middle East and North Korea) that deserve to have the spotlight on them because they pose a far greater threat to us.

As last week  unfolded, Letterman acted as most of us expected: Defensive, refusing to give a full-on (and richly deserved) apology. Instead, he posed himself as victim. We just weren’t getting the joke, he told us. That was the problem. Not him.

Millions lapped it up. After all, this was “just Sara Palin, right?”


But something no-so-funny happened on the way to Letterman’s victory party: Governor Palin defined perfectly the conservative approach to problem-solving.  And much of the public, greatly to Letterman’s surprise, was, on her side.

As Letterman learned this week, Sarah Palin is no joke. She’s no pushover and she’s not stupid. The stupid one was the loudmouth who thought his joke was funny and (initially) worth defending by pulling the liberal trick of claiming we all just misunderstood.

And therein lies the deeper significance of Sara Palin’s “beat-down” of David Letterman:

HORSESASS 2Palin stood  up, not just for her daughters, but also for what is simply right and decent.And she did so in an intelligent, direct manner. She didn’t take it personally, but responded to it globally by pointing out that this was inappropriate for anyone’s daughter to face this kind of treatment from a 62 year-old man.

The target of her legitimate anger knew he was being dressed down in no uncertain terms, as he deserved to be. There was no worry about political correctness here. Palin stayed on point. In doing so, she exposed Letterman for what he truly is. But beyond that, she showed she has the character of a leader. One who stands up and defends what’s right. Her words resounded with a truth and wisdom that was straight to the point:

“Concerning Letterman’s comments about my young daughter (and I doubt he’d ever dare make such comments about anyone else’s daughter): ‘Laughter incited by sexually-perverted comments made by a 62-year-old male celebrity aimed at a 14-year-old girl is not only disgusting, but it reminds us some Hollywood/NY entertainers have a long way to go in understanding what the rest of America understands — that acceptance of inappropriate sexual comments about an underage girl, who could be anyone’s daughter, contributes to the atrociously high rate of sexual exploitation of minors by older men who use and abuse others.’”

This is the kind of comment a true leader makes. It would have sounded perfectly normal coming out of Ronald Reagan’s mouth. Palin showed us she, like Reagan, is not the kind of person  to travel around the world apologizing for what’s right with America. In short, she has what Barack Obama doesn’t have: my confidence in her leadership to defend the Constitution of the United States, not to apologize for it.

There are those in the public who still want their pound of flesh, however, and are still planning to protest Letterman’s show.  As for me, I’m like the policeman at the scene of an of an accident: “Move along, folks… there’s nothing more to see here…”

Gerry Ashley


17 Responses to The Deeper Significance of Sarah Palin’s Beat-Down Of David Letterman

  1. gre says:

    Gov. Palin wasn’t the one who started this flap. She didn’t even know what Letterboy had said, until someone asked her for comment. She reacted the way any parent would react to an insult directed at his or her child. I’ve seen so many people saying that she racted that way just for publicity. Well, she had all kinds of publicity, the 20,000+ who turned out in Auburn NY, the Autism walk on Long Island where she got a very warm response from 12,000 participants, the award she got from IGHL, and then the ExxonMobil-TransCanada pipeline deal. No, letterboy engineered the whole deal to help his ratings, and to change the subject about the great run Gov. Palin was having.

    Like almost everything else that is thrown at her, this bounces right off, and every attack makes her stronger. By 2012 she’ll be like fine steel forged in the fire of the media. There won’t be much else they can do to her, except dredge up all the old lies and recycle them.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Thank you for your reply and your excellent points. In this day and age of “tell ’em whatever it takes to move them” Obama-style speeches that are long on style but have nothing backing them, Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air.

      I would like to bring to your attention also (in case you haven’t seen it yet) Alan’s rant entitled “The Contreras Letter: Read Now, Act Now.” It has a link to a letter written by a 53-year-old woman who describes herself as “a home grown American citizen” who has reached the end of her patience with both Democrats AND Republicans. It’s an open letter to ALL politicians and deserves to be read. I’m actually hoping it’s the beginning of a movement. Check out the rant and follow the links. Quite literally: “Now Is The Time For All Good Men (and Women) To Come To The Aid Of Their Country… Or Lose It.”

  2. Susan says:

    Fantastic post. You have just said how millions of Americans feel about Sarah Palin. Bravo!!!

  3. princetrumpet says:

    Well done. Thank you for speaking on behalf of those that actually value some kind of decency standard. You’re also right about the protests. It’s time to drop it and not watch Littleman’s show. I haven’t for years.

  4. Nancy says:

    The left is morally bankrupt. Obama’s pretend blackness cloaks him in racial teflon. Any joke about him bounces off and the teller is branded a racist. Sarah is their only sanctioned target. It’s getting stale and they are running out of laughingstock.

  5. snake says:

    wahhhh wahhhhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    i dont expect this comment to show up on the page but goddamn there are some huge pussies in the united states. he wasn’t even talking about any 14 year old, anyone with half a brain would have figured out he was obviously referring to the daughter who’s pregnancy was already a topic of discussion. jesus christ some people are so stupid.

    keep up the good work dave!

    also, sarah palin is so obviously unqualified to be vice-president it hurts my brain even trying to comprehend how anyone would think otherwise. “GO SARAH!” yeah, you’re stupid.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Well, snake, it’s like this: We don’t expect everyone to agree with our opinion. That’s the beauty of freedom of speech. When employed in a responsible manner, both sides of an issue can be covered and each side’s points can be made.

      All we ask is for people to respond in a respectful manner. We’re willing to engage in intelligent discussion and debate.

      But there are some people who just can’t express themselves without feeling they have to insult others who they disagree with. I mean if that’s all a person can bring to the table, there’s just no point in engaging in any exchange, so we just let those people’s comments speak for themselves and move on.

  6. snake says:

    so why do people think he was talking about the 14 year old daughter and not the 18 year old that was already knocked up once?

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      That’s a natural assumption to make:

      Letterman’s comment referred specifically to the daughter who was at the baseball game with Governor Palin. The only daughter at the baseball game was the 14 year old, not the 18 year old. Therefore, it’s natural to assume that Letterman was referring to the 14 year-old since she was the only one there.

  7. Josie says:

    snake –
    …because the 14 year old daughter was right there at the time and place he was referring to!!

  8. snake says:

    Does that matter? Almost nobody in the audience would have known that only the youngest daughter was with her. It’s so obvious that the joke was aimed at the already-established-to-be-a-whore daughter.

    I’m beginning to see the pattern here:
    Pretty white woman throws a tantrum > idiots rush to her defense.

    Barack the Magic Negro says so.

  9. snake says:

    Also now that I think about it the joke is even funnier when you assume it was about the 14-year-old. Keep on doing your thing Dave!

    Sarah Palin must be so thankful that she has another reason to stand up on her little soapbox. Please run in 2012. Please. It will be hilarious.

  10. P3T3RK3Y5 says:

    i’m all for morality – and i don’t claim to have cornered the market on morality myself – but if you’re missing the vacuousness of the right claiming a moral high ground – you’re not paying attention – to the irony ir nothing else.

    the joke would not even *exist* had Palins now 18 year old, but then underage daughter not be nocked up.

    instead of being ashamed themselves, palin is expert enough in rovian strategy to turn that around and claim leterman is the one without morals. a simply classic maneuver.

    how anyone seriously gets pulled in my palin’s mediocrity is beyond me.

    • Doug says:


      I’m not sure what accomplishments you have that allow you to label Gov. Palin as mediocre. They must be impressive indeed.

      Apparently a command of literacy is not among your accomplishments so maybe you can enlighten us as to the source of your smugness?

      What is immediately apparent is that you are a hater, and have nothing but hatred and personal attacks to support your position.

      I sincerely hope you never have a loved one subjected to the kind of crude personal attacks Governor Palin’s family has endured for people who disagree with her politics.

      Quite honestly I never bothered to learn enough about Sarah Palin to form a strong opinion one way or another.

      She was on a ticket opposing a brilliant man whose policies I strongly disagree with so it really didn’t matter. Also, I’m reside in Biden’s home state. Sadly, Joe is one of the smart ones.

      I never heard much in the way of strategy at any level of Democratic campaigning, except “those guys are horrible” ( meaning republicans )

      McCain on the other hand is a true centrist, but somehow the howls made him out to be another Bush. Now we have an Administration full of socialists and those who openly admire Mao, and try to explain it away as “joking”.

      Backing them up are folks like you who can do little more than troll. Looking good for the republican party in 2010. Whether or not the republicans have learned a darn thing falling out of power remains to be seen.

      Clearly the democrats did not.

    • Doug says:

      Is there a serious implication here implying that a young woman having sex out of wedlock rises to the level of a 62 year old man using a television show to slander a candidate’s daughter with sexual innuendo?

      Talk about being pulled in! As I remember Palin was pretty hones about her daughter’s situation and didn’t make excuses.

      OTOH, Letterman insisted he did nothing wrong and that the folks complaining lacked a sense of humor.

      In that scenario, nobody has to “claim” a moral high ground, there ain’t one. There’s only folks being real and sleaze sleazing in the gutter.

      Thanks for letting the world know which side you come down on, or as the left likes to say – “Thanks for sharing”.


  11. Whatever says:

    I realize I am late on this bandwagon, but if Palin parades her family in the face of the nation, while standing on the platform of “Family Values” and dragging “grandbaby daddy” Levi Johnson to every political event, with a daughter who is very pregnant after being schooled in “abstinence” for years, she has opened her family up to ridicule. It was the hypocrisy of the situation that the “morally bankrupt left” (thank for that one, Nancy!) found so appalling.

    And now, as history as shown us in a great objective book on the 2008 campaign, so was Palin’s vetting as veep in the first place.

    Do you seriously think she will rise up and run in 2012, after leaving her gov job midstream? Doing so will completely split your party and guarantee an Independent or Democratic to win. I would sit back and enjoy her on Fox News, folks.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Welcome. No, you’re not too late to offer your opinion. We welcome all people who with to agree, disagree and, in some cases, expose their lack of comprehension on this issue. You’ve provided LOTs to respond to in that last category so let’s get started:

      First of all, you mock Palin and falsely state as fact that she “paraded” her family etc. Let’s address that first. ALL politicians “parade” their families around” in the manner you describe. She’s no different. And frankly, she would have been criticized even worse by short-sited tunnel-visioned Obamanites if she had NOT taken her daughter. If you’re going to bring Family Values into this discussion, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Sara Palin’s inclusion of her daughters in a few of her principal campaign appearances RINGS with family values. She’s making a statement that, “Yes, my daughter is pregnant and unmarried. We are dealing with this issue as a FAMILY.” It does NOT mean she’s endorsing pre-marital sex. It means she endorses a family pulling together in difficult times rather than take the easy way out.

      But let’s use YOUR apparent standards on this since you obviously see her standing by her daughter as an endorsement. By YOUR standard of measurement (unless you are a COMPLETE hypocrite and have separate standards for Conservatives and Liberals), Palin is to be condemned for approving of her daughter’s pregnancy. Therefore, I guess the Kennedys should be condemned for endorsing drug abuse (numerous members of the younger Kennedys), Statutory Rape (Michael was reportedly boinking the babysitter when she was 15), adultery (JFK, Bobby, Teddy, Joe…) drunk driving (Teddy, Patrick), rape (numerous incidents for which only the Kennedy name or money bought favorable verdicts, Manslaughter (Teddy and Mary Jo Kopechne) and a little thing called MURDER (Michael Skakel). Wow, and you thought Sara Palin was leaving HER family open to ridicule?

      Yeah, even by YOUR standards, Sara Palin’s looking pretty darn good for standing by her daughter.

      Second, the reason she had Levi with her daughter is because (as you apparently have conveniently forgotten), he and her daughter were engaged to be married at the time.

      On to your comment about opening her family up to ridicule vis-a-vis the pathetic Letterman joke. You’ve really gone off base with this one. Here’s why:

      The topic here is about Letterman’s comment about Palin’s 14 year old daughter who is NOT the one who was pregnant. If you really believe that merely including her pregnant 18 year-old daughter on a FEW of her campaign appearances (less than 5% by the way) somehow legitimizes Letterman’s attack on her 14 year old sister, then you are, quite frankly, providing all the evidence we need that you just don’t get it. NOTHING Palin has done justifies Letterman’s attack on her 14 year-old daughter. And even though Letterman claims he wasn’t referring to her, that just means one of two things: Either Letterman is lying to cover his stupid remark or he is too lazy to research the facts about current events before taking his usual cheap shots. Either way, Letterman comes out looking like the ass he really is.

      As for your accusation about Palin not being vetted. How blind are you? The mainstream media set DOZENS of reporters and investigatore up to Alaska to dig up dirt on Sara Palin and came away with NOTHING. On the other hand, Obama wasn’t vetted in the LEAST by the Mainstream Media (except for Fox News). Nobody bothered to point out his connections, his questionable dealings with convicted felon Tony Reszko, The press gave Obama a complete pass about Reverand Wright even though Wright was clearly racist and Obama himself was caught in a lie about Wright. Obama’s lies regarding this are available on youtube for all the world to see. Uh, well, except for those who choose to ignore the truth about Obama.

      So, if you’re going to whine about Palin not being properly vetted, Obamanites should be kissing the butt of the Mainstream Media who completely whitewashed Obama’s past, right down to failing to insist on his release of a copy of his ORIGINAL Birth Certificate and college grades… something ALL presidential candidates have routinely done in modern times). If Obama’s got nothing to hide, why does he continue to refuse to do release this information once and for all? What IS he hiding?

      I don’t know if she’ll announce her candidacy for 2012 or not. But if she does, I would MUCH rather have a woman like Sara Palin in the Oval Office than a lying, radically left-wing socialist THUG who has done NOTHING to restore this country’s economy either because he’s in way over his head or it’s by intent and design. Neither one of those explanations are acceptable to me.

      And finally: I WISH liberals looking to trash Sara Palin would do a little more research and come to the table PREPARED rather than merely watching Tina Fey’s impression of her and assuming they know what PALIN REALLY stands for.

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