Exclusive! Spy Photo of First Chrysler/Fiat

Obamamobile Ad - Green finale 01

Well, it didn’t take long. The first car to be produced by the newly merged Chrysler/Fiat will soon be available to the public. Designed primarily as a commuter vehicle by Emperor Barack Obama, himself, it plays perfectly into his vision of overall “Change” for the U.S. 

If you look carefully below the vehicle, you will see it is, as we predicted, powered by foot. While at first, this may seem like a radical departure, this is actually a design feature first found on the Flintstone Mobile back in the prehistoric days.  But here’s how the up-to-date version will help meet the Emperor’s goals for America:

  • No need to stop at all those pesky gas stations. Gas gone up to $11.99 per gallon? WHO CARES?
  • This will save the average consumer about $4,000/year on gasoline.  That extra $4,000 will go a long way towards covering that new Cap and Trade increase in our utility bills. 
  • Operating the vehicle will take a little getting used to. But once familiar with the design of the pedal-powered system, this model will help tens of thousands of Americans to get back into shape!
  • With people getting in shape, they will be happier and healthier. Healthier people do not need doctors nearly as much as sedentary types.
  • With people staying in shape, and less need for doctors, the cost of the implementation of socialized medicine will drop significantly.
  • Top speed in these vehicles depends upon the driver, of course, but where top speed overall is not expected to exceed 5 mph, there will be no need for 5 mph impact bumpers – another savings for the consumer.
  • Removable Top for those special days and nights
  • Shown is the commuter edition which holds one person.  A car-pooling version which is similar in design to a tandem bicycle will be available shortly. Later models will include a pick-up and an SUV.
  • MSRP on the commuter edition is approximately $39 (Plus destination charges).  With Emperor Obama’s suggested VAT (Value Added Tax) and various other proposed taxes, the out-the-door price is expected to be approximately $14,599.
  • The Obamobile has already been EPA certified for all 57 states.

Note for NASCAR fans: A special edition Obamobile will debut as the pace car for the 2010 Daytona 500 Sprint Cup Series.  However, since the competitors will still be driving gas-powered vehicles, the pace car will be towed behind a twin-turbo Corvette, likely to be the last ever made by the new GM. 

The 2011 Sprint Cup racing season will be the first to feature all pedal-powered competitors. Due to the slower anticipated speeds (from an average 190 mph in 2010 with gasoline powered cars to an expected 5 mph in 2011, the opening race will be re-christened “The Daytona 15 and is expected to take slightly over 3 hours to complete which includes pit stops for new running shoes and Red Bull.

One additional benefit of the implementation of the Obamobile “Pedicar” is that it is expected to cause a big jump in the sales of running shoes, bunion creme and athlete’s foot sprays.  

Gerry Ashley


3 Responses to Exclusive! Spy Photo of First Chrysler/Fiat

  1. “No need to stop at all those pesky gas stations. Gas gone up to $11.99 per gallon? WHO CARES?”

    I say that all the time because I get around by mountain bike.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    Ian, you’re a better man than I! Depending on the area in which a person lives, that’s a great way to get around, stay healthy and have fun all at the same time.

    I’m in a tropical zone of the U.S. umidity here is nearly 90%. I’m also pushing 60 (and I don’t mean kilometers per hour). The combination of the two would make for a very ugly photo op, I assure you. LOL. You’re definitely leading the way to the future for people who want to be “green” AND save money. Unfortunately, the way I achieve green is when I get the occasional bad cigar.

    Thanks for your comment.

  3. You know, there is a huge variety of high-quality e-bikes on the market now, bicycles that give the rider an extra boost through battery assist. Folks in your demographic are the target audience. Why not check them out?

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