ObamaCare Poster Contest: Another Poster!


Continuing with the poster contest from Ah, Shoot, via Michelle Malkin, to see what kind of posters readers can come up with in order to highlight the perils of President Obama’s takeover of the healthcare industry…

On the other hand, commenter Josie writes that, at 75,  she finds the whole concept of ObamaCare to be not so funny at all. And I agree. It’s not funny, but by calling attention to the problem in a humorous way, perhaps–perhaps–enough people will begin to understand the concerns that are being raised. Worth a try, anyway.

Second effort:

nurse corps obamacare



3 Responses to ObamaCare Poster Contest: Another Poster!

  1. […] “” Link to Original post at Rossputin.com . ObamaCare Poster Contest: Another Poster! – grandrants.wordpress.com 06/10/2009   Continuing with the poster contest from Ah, Shoot , via […]

  2. Andrew says:

    ::Cough:: Plagiarism ::cough::

    • Stoutcat says:

      Andrew, no need to cough. The source of the many of the images in this contest is the Northwestern University library, which has a fantastic collection of public domain WWII poster art. Michelle Malkin provided a link, and the rest is history.

      And hey, this sort of thing is exactly what Shepard Fairey (putative creator of the iconic Obama “Hope” image) does all the time–only he steals his original images, as most of them are not in the public domain. See this link for further info.

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