Pay Czar… What $40,000+ Can Buy

Ever wonder how politics works? Very simple… Look at how much the upcoming “Pay Czar” Kenneth Feinberg doled out his 2008 political contributions to specific candidates. (Thanks to the Huffington Post for compiling all that…)

Let’s see… Who donated how much… (The numbers that follow are ballpark. What’s the point in trying to be accurate? The numbers don’t reflect donations to organizations like PACS and committees, let alone hanky panky…)

  • Upcoming Pay Czar Kenneth Feinberg: $40,000
  • George Soros: $9,000
  • Barbara Streisand: $6,000
  • Sean Penn: $8,000
  • Ted Turner: $1,000
  • Susan Sarandon: $12,000

Anyway, the folks above are all pretty passionate liberals… But look at how much Kenneth Feinberg donated compared to the rest. And while I’m sure Esq. Feinberg is far from poor, he probably doesn’t quite have the deep pockets of the others.

Hmmm… You’ve got your Bronze level donors, Silver level, Gold level. Clearly $40,000+ is the “Czar” level.

Alan Speakman


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