Obama’s Cairo Speech


From the Greenroom at HotAir comes a magnificent rendering of what President Obama should have said to his audience in Cairo last week. No, I take that back; I believe Obama would be incapable of delivering such a speech, were it streamed ever so magically onto the TOTUS for him. He wouldn’t have the courage, the moral outrage, the dignity, the humility, or the depth of character to give a speech such as this.

Dr. Zero has given us a stirring address — I only wish we had a President capable of delivering it.

Several passages are quoted below, but I urge you to click the link and read the whole thing.

I am honored to be in the timeless city of Cairo, and grateful for your hospitality. I will honor you in return by addressing you directly. I came here to speak to you, not to European leaders or American media commentators. I hope you will forgive my frankness, but we have much to talk about, and some of what I came here to say will not be easy for you to hear.

I will not waste your time by carefully selecting quotes from the Koran, in a misguided attempt to tell you what your religion means. I am here to tell you what membership in the community of civilized nations means. Your faith is your own affair, but it ends where the rest of our lives begin. It is fashionable among the Western elites to say that we have much to learn about the Muslim world, but the truth is precisely the reverse. One of the bedrock principles of Western democracy is that we don’t need to understand, or even like, a particular religion in order to respect its faithful and their rights. There are some things the West is long overdue in teaching its Muslim neighbors, however. Let us begin with dismissing the notion of a “Muslim world.” There is no such thing. There is one world, made increasingly intimate by the easy movement of people, resources, and ideas. We are all in the process of learning how to live with our fellow men, and while the West is far from perfect, we are much further ahead in our studies than the nations of the Middle East. Our security, and yours, will be greatly enhanced if we can lend you some of the wisdom we have accumulated.

We have made a fetish of “tolerance” in America, and it has curdled into poison. I am here to tell you what the civilized world is no longer prepared to tolerate. We will not stand silently by while women are enslaved, brutalized, or murdered. We will no longer hypnotize ourselves with self-criticism over gay rights, while you bury gay men and women under piles of jagged stone. We will not swallow our tongues for fear of offending Islam, when Islam oppresses all other religious beliefs within its borders. We know you can do better. We also know that nothing will improve unless we demand you do better… and we do demand it. The world has turned, and the old days of totalitarianism and pillage are done. There is no more place in it for barbarians. Believe what you will, follow your customs, honor the holy writings of your Prophet, and strive to understand God’s will through prayer, music, and scholarship. You will find nothing but honest respect and admiration from the West. But when you stand among civilized people, you will be civilized people. When you are shown respect, you will answer with respect. As the West reveres and protects the life of your innocents, so you will revere ours…

Dr. Zero is to be commended for his efforts. I, for one, recommend him to any or all of the 2012 Republican presidential candidates as a speech-writer.



3 Responses to Obama’s Cairo Speech

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    Oh we HAVE a President capable of delivering it… What we DON’T have is a President capable of grasping the significant differences in the two speeches and comprehending why THIS speech would have been so much more appropriate than the drivel he spewed in its place.

    I actually think Obama would have better off if he had cancelled his speech and gone with his original plan: Carpet bomb the Muslim world with Ipods.

  2. Bryon CJ says:

    Until the writer goes to the middle east or Cairo themselves and delivers that speech he can spout to the wind. It’s always easy to tell someone what to do than do it yourself.

    Man Up DR. Zero or let the adults handle it…

  3. Josie says:

    Byron: Dr. Zero, unfortunately, is not in a position to deliver that speech on behalf of our country.
    I wish he could. He is merely saying what so many of us WISH with all our hearts that our president would say.

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