Conservatives, Vote Liberal!

No, seriously… speaking as a conservative, I say that we all vote Left next time.

Look, facts are facts, and the “Left” owns the White House, both Houses of Congress, the media, the educational institutions, major industry, the unions, and finance… After a prolonged struggle, the liberals will rule the Supreme Court. (Did I miss something?) It is what it is.

The “Right” hasn’t just been beaten… It has been steam-rollered flat, Wile E. Coyote-style. At this point, collectively, we conservatives wouldn’t know enough to go number one if our pants were on fire.

OK, fine. Time for a different tack. If we can’t beat them, let’s join them and then see what happens. Let’s all vote “Left”. Let’s see if the wisdom of:

Nope… Just vote liberal. Watch liberal TV and teach liberal agenda to the young. Do it. Talk liberal, and think liberal. Make the 1960s finally come true. Hide behind your liberal “union” card and self-righteously (and in acts that can only be described as social self-flagellation for distant past sins) demand higher wages whether you actually deserve them or not. Forget about national security; hide your head in the sand and ignore those who wish to do us harm. Pound yourself on the chest and howl, “I am the new America! I am dysfunctional, illogical, and just flat out brattish, but hear me roar! I am the tantrum of change.

But note this, America. We saw what the “Carter Catastrophe” did to this nation. We also witnessed the brilliant success of Ronald Reagan. Now we need a new social experiment – the electorate (and our very social being) has deemed it so. Well, so be it. Let this be the Age of Change…

My prediction? History won’t be nearly so flowery. 2012 will dawn on a different world… And the “Great Obama Experiment” will have collapsed under its own hubris. And when everyone — and I mean everyone — is sick to death of the Hope and Change, we’ll see what kind of nation we can begin to rebuild.

Let’s just hope that there are enough pieces to cobble something back together again… Until then, let’s all just vote liberal and let this insanity run its course.

Alan Speakman


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