Why Obama Picked McHugh

Why on earth did President Obama pick Republican Congressman John McHugh for the Secretary of the Army? There are three simple answers really…

First, there’s nothing like the image of a president trying to “reach across the aisle”. Isn’t he magnanimous?

Next comes the matter of McHugh’s all-important House seat in northern New York, which will go vacant… Talk about a Democratic Party plum–one special election coming right up!

Finally, McHugh is a pro-Gitmo guy… At some point the president is going to have to make hard decisions concerning closing the Cuban base. And no doubt that “after receiving further wise and in-depth counsel from John McHugh“, the liberal POTUS will find plenty of wiggle room concerning kicking Gitmo “down the road” as a viable option.

After all, the President is sadly lacking in monetary support for its closing, the Senate having voted overwhelmingly not to fund the closing. And even  public opinion has swung dramatically from pro-closing to anti-closing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our President picked his advisors on the basis of capability rather than political expediency?

Alan Speakman


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