U.S. Apparently One of the Largest Muslim Countries


…According to President Obama, anyway. Preparing for the next leg of his Obamapalooza Tour (a.k.a. the Endless Campaign), the President spoke to the press in an effort to lower any expectations that the trip might actually accomplish anything. NPR, the BBC, and France’s Canal Plus all got pretty much the same message: it’s just a speech, I’m aiming for better dialogue with Muslim countries, peace betweeen Israelis and “Palestinians”, blah blah blah. But among all that blah blah, came this little gem:

“Now, the flip side is I think that the United States and the West generally, we have to educate ourselves more effectively on Islam. And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslims [sic] Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. And so there’s got to be a better dialogue and a better understanding between the two peoples.” [emphasis mine]

SRSLY? Obama thinks America is a Muslim country? This is a man who, a few months ago, couldn’t even bring himself to say that we were a Christian nation, and suddenly he’s turned us into a Muslim country. Perhaps hs’s thought this all along, but just didn’t want to say so.

Even Wikipedia defines a Muslim country as one where Islam is the dominant religion —  and doesn’t put us on that list. Although given all the pandering Islam is receiving in this country, the President might actually be forgiven for thinking that.

Perhaps “if you actually took the number of Muslims Americans” and multiplied it by 20 or so, we might be one of the largest countries with Muslims citizens in the world. But even if you look simply at population, we’re not even close. Depending on the resource, we’re either 38th largest or even somewhat lower. Maybe Obama considers being in the top 50 good enough.

Is this simply another gaffe, a la his “57 states” comment during the early stages of the unending campaign? Is he really that oblivious to the vast beating heart of the country? Is he stupid? Or does he just not care?

Regardless of his reasoning (or lack thereof), the President would do well to think before he speaks; otherwise he will continue to get bad press. He’s not helping himself — and he’s surely not helping his fellow Democrats who are up for election in 2010 — with words as poorly chosen as these.

He’ll probably just blame it on TOTUS.

UPDATE: It even qualified for HotAir’s Obamateurism of the Day

UPDATE #2: Creeping Sharia weighs in


H/T Roger L. Simon


3 Responses to U.S. Apparently One of the Largest Muslim Countries

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    I did some quick research on this and Ithink I found the problem:

    Joe Biden proofed the speech.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    All kidding aside, there’s an interesting opportunity here for those of us who have been claiming the mainstream media no longer has any credibility.

    Watch the network news tonight. If you’re lucky enough to have the capability, watch CNN, CNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox.

    This was not a small error by Obama. It’s a combination of pandering, lying (which comes naturally to Obama), insulting the intelligence of his audience (like that can’t do the math?) all while throwing the west under the bus. It will be interesting to see which networks cover it at all, and if so, will they cover it honestly?

    My guess is if the turmoil being created here at home by this gaffe reaches the President’s entourage, he may alter the speech to leave that out or to greatly modify it so that it won’t be as blatant as it currently is.

    If he gives the speech as is, however. Let’s see which of the aforementioned News Networks cover the gaffe honestly and which ones simply don’t cover it at all. You can pretty much bet NBC and MSNBC will find a way to avoid it or sweep it under the rug. Being owned by GE who hopes to score HUNDREDS of billions of dollars in fees and servies for implementing Obama’s various programs (think Socialized medicine) and you can see where their agenda is to not rock the boat.

    Who’d have thought we’d see the day when journalism in Russia (Pravda) merits higher scores than their counterpart in the US?

  3. Indiana Bob says:

    Reading comprehension FTW!

    SRSLY, look into it.

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