The Biggest Losers: Us


Peter Ferrara, writing at FoxNews hits the nail on the head when he says of the GM bankruptcy:

Do you think any auto executive is going to dare promote production of a big new SUV like the Cadillac Escalade in this political environment?  Forget about it.  What is in now is that hot Fiat “technology” we have heard Washington lusting over.  Have you ever seen a Fiat?  It is what makes Mercedes so legendary in Europe.

American consumers would never choose to buy the tiny, two door, Sierra Club cars we are now going to see out of Detroit.  But the Obama plan is not to allow them a choice.  That is what the new 39 mpg CAFÉ standard is all about.  That doesn’t mean your next SUV is going to get 39 mpg, dummy.  It means your next car will look like it is competing with a John Deere lawnmower.

Fred-Flintstone-Barney-Rubble-CarNail, meet hammer. According to Mr. Ferrara, the next car you buy may well be a totally emission-free Fred Flintsone special, complete with non-fossil fuel, easy maintenance, and running a module that will get you back in shape. Yabba-dabba-oh spare me.

Can you reconcile yourself to this? Me neither. But that’s what we’ll get, or something like it, unless we the people start requiring our Senators and Representatives (and yes, our President, as well) to listen to us.

Mr. Ferrara prophesies:

Take good care of those big, powerful, luxurious cars you are driving now.  They are going to be worth a lot more on the resale market than you thought.

Expect to see also the eventual rise of a new gold rush business in Americans flocking to Mexico and Canada to buy their new, big, powerful, luxurious cars there from foreign companies that will not produce or sell in America and not be subject to the CAFÉ standards.  Take a vacation, buy a new car, drive it home. Maybe Disney will put its next Magic Kingdom in Toronto, who knows?

We need to wake up and pay some real attention to what the government is doing. We need to demand that they get out of the auto industry and leave the environmental scams to Al Gore and his ilk. And they’d damn well better yabba-dabba-do it… The 2010 elections won’t be pretty.



3 Responses to The Biggest Losers: Us

  1. Mike says:

    People will be clamoring for the tiny new fuel efficient econo-cars after cap and trade, “permanent” drilling bans, and demonization of any technology other than solar/wind generated electricity – will drive the price of gasoline north of $6 (or $10?) per gallon.

    High gas prices will motivate you (and everyone) to buy one of the prescribed autos. We’ve already been told by candidate Obama (and many members of the “green”-rat-pack in Congress) that high gas prices were “good” for us.

    Of course high fuel prices will put the brakes on any chance of real (read “non-bailed-out”) economic recovery.

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