No… The Pelosi Issue Should Not Go Away…

…And it must be resolved.

The talking heads on television are beginning to suggest that politics trumps the truth, and that the whole Pelosi/CIA issue will just disappear from public discourse.

It’s all too brutally simple really:

  • Pelosi accused the CIA of lying… In fact she accused them of lying all the time to Congress.
  • The CIA accuses Pelosi of lying when she says that she didn’t know of the harsh interrogation techniques already in use in 2002. The CIA says that they told her everything.

That’s it, that’s all… I don’t want to hear crap about “The Bush Administration” or “mis-remembered”. We’re talking about a Speaker of the House two heartbeats away from the West Wing, and the most powerful intelligence-gathering agency on the planet. We’re talking about the “right here and right now”. I don’t want to hear about “political stalemates”. We’re talking about national security of the highest order.

The politicians and the spies have crossed a line, and we all know it. Collectively speaking, one of them is lying out of his/her tail section… Let’s get this fixed and make sure that the despicable, hubristic, egotistical, unpatriotic, power mongering liar is, and make sure that he/she can’t even find a job scrubbing toilets with his or her eyebrows afterwards.

If we can’t do that much… Well… Our politicians are just pathetic jokes, and our media needs to grow some cojones and make sure this issue doesn’t just softly and silently vanish away.

Alan Speakman


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