Torture at Guantanamo


Enlarging on Alan’s previous post, here’s a video discussing the “torture” that occurs at Gitmo:

Oh, and by the way, closing Gitmo? There’s another campaign promise down the drain. It played well in the blue states, of course, but since the president didn’t have a plan (viable or otherwise) for actually closing the place and re-housing those incarcerated there, no way that promise will be kept, especially since he promised that he’d close it in his first year as president.

I say, if you’re going to close Guantanamo, which, by all accounts, is actually a beautiful place with gorgeous weather year-round… If you’re going to close it and need to re-house the prisoners elsewhere, call Gov. Palin and strike a deal for an exclusive facility somewhere around, oh, maybe Point Barrow. Get some of those TARP funds for building the facility, put some unemployed Alaskans to work, give the Gitmo prisoners one last day of sunshine and warm temperatures, then fly them up to their new facility, Gitmo on the Arctic. Allahu Akbar, indeed.

Then, just for kicks, hire Donald Trump to build a resort and casino where the old facility was, then start selling tickets. The government would recoup all the costs of building Gitmo on the Arctic and rehabbing the original Gitmo within a year, I’d bet. After that, it’s all gravy.

Hey, there’s a new revenue source for the government! Bye bye deficit.



3 Responses to Torture at Guantanamo

  1. sandysays1 says:


    Have you thought about placing an application with the Obama Administration? As it turns out your ideas seem much better than theirs.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    This just in from Bill Clinton:

    “I’ve been married to Hillary for 34 years. Define Torture.”

  3. Gene Mahabir says:

    Wow, very informative article. Thanks a lot.

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